The final month of counting brought some interesting final data points. Welcome to SotM February 2009. Here are the raw numbers to start. 5,518 total posts which was the second highest monthly total. 1,763 different scents mentioned which was the highest monthly total of the whole year of counting. 889 scents worn only once was also a monthly high. The individuality index was 16.1% and if you add in the scents worn 2,3,or4 times the index rises to 43.5%. These numbers led to an interesting top 10.
The top scent for February was Guerlain Vetiver and as had been true for most of the fall it was back to being number one by a wide margin between the top scent and the #2 scent. That #2 scent was Creed Bois du Portugal which continued its run of top 10ís from September to February. In third is Dior Homme which has been a regular to the monthly top 10 for the last half of the year as well. In fourth is the first half champ Hermes Terre Díhermes which had a rough fall but has bounced back over the winter. The number five scent Montana Parfum DíHomme (red box) makes its second appearance in the top 10. That this appearance is boosted by the constant wearing of one of the ladies is probably one of the most interesting things about it.
The second five start with a Guerlain too as Habit Rouge checks in at #6. Three scents tied for seventh; Bvlgari Black, Caron Yatagan, and Chanel Egoiste. The #10 scent was Guerlain LíInstant pour Homme.
Top 10 for February 2009
1.) Guerlain Vetiver 72 wears (1.3%)
2.) Creed Bois du Portugal 47 wears (0.9%)
3.) Dior Homme 46 wears (0.8%)
4.) Hermes Terre DíHermes 45 wears (0.8%)
5.) Montana Parfum DíHomme (red box) 41 wears (0.7%)
6.) Guerlain Habit Rouge 40 wears (0.7%)
7.) Bvlgari Black 31 wears (0.6%)
7.) Caron Yatagan 31 wears (0.6%)
7.) Chanel Egoiste 31 wears (0.6%)
10.) Guerlain LíInstant pour Homme 30 wears (0.5%)

Guerlain Mitsouko missed the top 10 by one wear and Guerlain Jicky and Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche pour Homme were one more wear further back. In what has been a tough 2009 for new scents you have to go all the way down to 12 wears and a tie for 68th to find the highest rated new scents; Prada Infusion DíHomme and Ralph Lauren Polo Modern Reserve. It has really been a winter of classics here at Basenotes Nation.
Thatís it for February.
Have a well-fragranced week.