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Thread: Dabbing it on.

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    Default Dabbing it on.

    I have an abundance of samples in little vials. I don't have an abundance of atomizers though. How do you guys apply samples from a vial? I typically put my finger on the end of the vial, turn it over and then smear it on my neck and chest. I'm afraid this doesn't give me an accurate sample of the silage though.

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Dabbing it on.

    for testing, I tend to dab/"controlled pour" on the crook of my arm so that I can sniff throughout the day. Well I wear short sleeves/3/4 sleeves most of the time so it may not work as well for men.

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    I sort of tip and press the opening of the vial against whatever surface I want to anoint. No disasters yet.

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