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    Default Anyone speak Russian? Amouage Cirrus

    Hello Basenoters,

    I have full collection of Amouge, I mean all of them!

    Unfortunately, only Cirrus is the one I could not find,

    But I found it on some Russian website

    but as I do not speak Russian,

    I could not understand the writing and how to buy,

    So, can anyone please help me?

    here is an example link:
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    Default Re: Anyone speak Russian? Amouage Cirrus

    Link? Cant help you if we cant see it.
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    Default Re: Anyone speak Russian? Amouage Cirrus

    Sorry forgot to put the link here it is again:

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    Default Re: Anyone speak Russian? Amouage Cirrus

    Give this a shot:

    You may want to insure they ship internationally.

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    Default Re: Anyone speak Russian? Amouage Cirrus

    the first item is a 75 ml tester for 5780 rubles, the second item is a 50ml spray for 9495 rubles. I dont know anything about exchange rates for that currency.

    the item description is as follows:

    "this is the freshness of water and air, the crystal purity of the sky, the dome of sky. This is a unique fragrance for men, whose priority is freedom, and specifically for this reason he has chosen this fragrance. This pure symphony begins with fruit notes of black currant, mandarin, lemon and green apple. The heart fragrance plays with notes of lavender, geranium and cypress. The base is of musk, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, acorn moss (I assume this means oakmoss, since oak trees give acorns) and tar (i believe this refers to tree sap) and amber. "

    Yes, I speak russian, so I can vouch for this
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    Default Re: Anyone speak Russian? Amouage Cirrus

    Thanks Derranged Goose - my wife was prepared to translate this too, but salim had neglected to add the link.

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    Default Re: Anyone speak Russian? Amouage Cirrus

    Thanks folks for your additions,

    By the way I have asked amouage through email if they still have some stock of this in Oman, because I understand from the translation above a 75 ml bottle will be around 195 pounds which is really not worth it

    I will keep you updated

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