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    Default Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    A friend on this forum recently sent me five samples to try (and before that two other friends sent a few I still have to get to) and I've rediscovered the pure pleasure that comes with trying out some new things.

    I was going to start a write up of each of the five scents for this thread, but this other idea started coming to me and it took over what I wanted to say. I'll write another thread on the five.

    But wow, what a joy it is to have something new each morning for a week, and have the something new be in little vials even--the small amounts makes for the pleasure really.

    I usually get two wearings out of the 1ml vials and I shake them until a few drops are in my cupped palm before spreading it around on my neck, shoulders, and opposite forearm. Then repeat with the other hand. Then run both hands through hair to get any leftover oils from the cracks of my palms spread around the body somehow.

    I can't say why, but this seems so much more involved and fun than spraying a few times (although I don't want to give up the ease and perfection of spraying when I buy a bottle of scent). It spreads the scent around on me, and I feel like the scent is dense and down deep in my skin, not just sprayed on. It feels like the scent is trying hard to make me like it, so that I'll buy a bottle, and like the scent is on its best behavior. And the behavior is actually really good. For example, the longevity on my palms is superior. Whenever I pick up the phone in the course of the whole day I get a waft from the palm, and a reminder that the scent is trying to be a nice guy.

    Also it's just a joy to have hope each morning that the day's scent will blow me away. I put each on knowing I'm going into a day thinking about the scent and that I'm going to be thinking hard about how it functions through the entire day. What fun! Always I'm hopeful and excited about the prospect, always thinking I'm going to find a new piece of gold.

    Each day I'm reminded that I love doing this and that I've forgotten to get into the sample collection much more frequently. Sure, I've got great things in my collection, but they're all tame beasts since I know them. The joy of sampling is that they're untamed beasts and unknown riches.

    Now on to write up Royal Oud, Oud Shiny, Fou d'Absinthe, Rien, and Vetiver Dance!
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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    Great thread, Chris! It's nice to hear you're enjoying the sampling process again. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.

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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    Good read! Sampling is great fun.

    Finding the balance between sampling and enjoying one's wardbrobe can be a bit tricky (for me at least). But I try...
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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    I have been sampling a good bit the past month or so myself. It is neat to smell new frags for the first time and get that initial impression from a full wearing positive or negative. It helps to reinforce and expand your personal tastes on notes, accords, houses...

    Sampling is the way to go and it satisfies that craving for exploration without handing out the big bucks on blind buys and impulse purchases.

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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    I have this little routine that I do sometimes, that includes fragrance samples:

    Ever so often the only time I can fit my workouts at the gym into my day, is very early in the morning. It usually means that I have to get up around 6 am to get to the gym by 7 to get to work on time. I hate it! Mostly because I'm not a morning person, so doing a high-intensity boxing class that early can be brutal. So, the night before, when I'm packing my clothes, picking my workout wear and choosing the scent of the day for the next day (since I take a shower at the gym and go straight to work from there), I always choose a new fragrance sample to take with me. That way, my little reward for going to the gym is I get to try a brand new fragrance. If I sleep in and miss my work out, I can't try my new fragrance, I have to wear something from my wardrobe.

    It's a little thing, it might sound silly - but it works.

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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    i work in a night shift. my typical routine after i wake up around 11.00 am is to dab my wrists and upper palm with two different fragrances and enjoy the subtle nuances very closely...smelling a fragrance..especially after waking up cud be quite refreshing ... my favorite go to vials are Patou ph, OR Black, Leonard Ph + many more...
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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    To be honest, I get more excited about receiving samples in the mail than getting my new bottles.

    ESPECIALLY when I'm diving into a new line, recently I explored PG and a little bit of Guerlain.

    I get over excited and end up dabbing (or spraying) on 4-6 different fragrances on my arms. The overall effect smells something like cheap hooker (or so I assume). But the individual smells are such a joy! Even if they aren't appealing to my nose, just getting to know the fragrance is a joy.

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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    I like your application method, DustB. I can totally relate to the anticipation, too. I usually save my samples for weekends - or, actually, I save my weekends for sampling!

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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    You guys remind me also that a few years ago I took a vacation with no scents but samples along. Vacation was a fantastic way to try out samples--new smell in a new place and all that.

    I think it was then that I fell for L'Anarchiste, L'Artisan Vetiver, and got turned around on Tabarome Millisime. Also when I rejected L'Artisan Eau du Navigateur.

    What a great smell ride that couple weeks of camping was! I think I also rounded it out with four or five samples of Mugler Cologne an SA handed me when I bought my bottle of it, saying they were for trips I took. Pretty cool.

    Basenoters who know who they are know I've got to sample the vials they sent me still, and should know I feel like a dolt and jerk for not doing it already. Well now I'm changing.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    Probably the best reward for being a moderator .
    & justly so .
    I look forward to your views .

    JANUARY 2013 ..

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    FLACON .. Updating Soon

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    Default Re: Rediscovering the Joy of Sampling

    Sampling is fun! I cycle to work twice a week, it's good for both the environment and my fitness. The process when I arrive to the office involves a quick shower, fresh clothes, and these days choosing from one of my samples. I still have 4 that I'm yet to try out

    I look forward to reading your thoughts on Fou d'Absinthe, and Vetiver Dance.
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