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    Default 1 Review that Influenced You the Most

    With thousands and thousands of reviews available on this most cherished website, I am sure that there have been an equal amount of blind buys based solely upon the musings of another... What I am really interested in is does anybody have 1 review by another that has stuck out in your head, prompting you to go out THAT DAY and purchase the fragrance because you had to feel the emotions that they were feeling, you had to experience what it was that prompted them to remark so beautifully. The one that has always stuck out for me was the Everso's review of Encre Noire...
    " dry. industrial. cold. metallic. vetiver. this is like nothing else on the market. by far the dryest scent i own. the only competition to Encre Noire is FM Vetiver Extraordinaire-----however that stuff just smells cheap after a bit of EN. this is definitely NOT for everyone. this is NOT for the soft-vetiver fans. this is not for fans of Guerlain Original Vetiver....this is for fans of people who imagine the scent of industrial, authentic, and dynamic cascades. I get so many compliments on EN...more than any other scent i owned. definitely recommended!11 December 2008"
    After reading it I had to have it, and now I do and I am forever grateful for the short yet influential take on the masterpiece that it is. I know I'm not the only one that has been swayed like this, so search your memory banks and share!
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    Default Re: 1 Review that Influenced You the Most

    This one here, for Lalique le Faune. Since there was not much talk on the forum (archives) for this scent, I was looking at reviews. Normally, I check all forum posts ( on the particular fragranace) before making a decision to sample, get a decant or buy blind. :

    Sexy, sweet, almost magical...this scent is a mysterious hike through a forest at "the blue hour" just as day melts away into night...the smell is mysterious, night birds chirping, mythelogical creatures scampering through the forest...deffinately a storybook, sexy and youthful, this cool, fresh, woodsy scent will transport you to a different world whenever you spray it on...

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    Default Re: 1 Review that Influenced You the Most

    Vendetta PH by Valentino
    & the review was by Foetidus
    well done mate

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    Default Re: 1 Review that Influenced You the Most

    Reviews never really influenced me much.
    Maybe the really hilarious ones I remember

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