In the summer of 2007, Ahava (a company that makes lotions, creams, shower gel, etc.) changed their packaging, & at the same time, changed the fragrance of their product line. I loved the old Ahava scent, & unfortunately the new Ahava scent bears no semblance to the pre-2007 scent. Does anyone remember the pre-2007 scent well enough to recommend a fragrance (male, female, or unisex) with similar notes? I don't want to say what the old Ahava smelled like to me, because I don't want to influence the responses to my question (besides, I've already searched the Basenotes site for the notes I smelled in the old Ahava, & I've made several purchases that didn't work out). I'm really hoping that some scent expert who is familiar with the pre-2007 Ahava will be able to give me some potential leads. Thanks in advance.