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    Default Re: Your favorite Lime soliflore, or Lime-dominant scent ...?

    I think I will add Jungle Pour Homme by Kenzo to this list. The lime in the top really is sharp, strong and long lasting - before the deluge of spices arrives.
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    Default Re: Your favorite Lime soliflore, or Lime-dominant scent ...?

    For pure lime, it's Trumper's. Crown Spiced Limes is a brilliant masculine spicy scent built around lime (wouldn't ya know). Virgin Island Water is the ultimate beach leisure lime. Feuille Verte? Hm, let me check my canister... I wish.
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    Default Re: Your favorite Lime soliflore, or Lime-dominant scent ...?

    Dorothy McCall's (Kingsburry Fragrances) Lime Lift is wonderful. She's made it in edt, soap & body creme. Some of us keep the edt in the fridge for the summer. It's just stunning!
    She's a Pittsburg, PA aromatherapist & all around fantastic perfumer.

    Her website doesn't really show all that she makes, IT isn't her forte.
    (412) 687-2720 be sure to tell her "RHM" told you about her. When you click on the link, just send her an email & ask about Lime Lift, as it's not listed on the site. Neither is Classic Amber II (fantastic amber & jasmine fragrance) & the stunning rose scent Twilight Rose. Like I said, she doesn't put her time or money into the website. (No affiliation, just a happy client who, over the years, has become a friend as well).

    If you want lime, you've got to try Dorothy's Lime Lift.
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