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Thread: Scrubbers....

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    Default Scrubbers....

    In trying, testing, and learning...I've already run into a few "scrubbers".

    Anyone have any "scrubbers" they're willing to admit to?

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    I sampled Hascish Homme 8 months ago.....and I can still smell the basenotes.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Grey Flannel. Sorry GF fans.
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Thierry Mugler Cologne , I couldnt wait to get home and get rid of the stink

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    The new Guerlain Homme hurt my throat when I smelled it. Scent wasnt' bad, I had to get it off b/c I was having a bad reaction to it.

    Had to scrub off A*Men the first time I tried it. Second time it was better, but I still scrubbed it off. The third try it was tolerable, but I still wouldn't wear it.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    I'd say Kouros but I couldn't scrub it off, so I guess it needs its own category. LOL.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Vetiver Dance
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    The Dreamer, it literally was nauseating me when I tested it.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Velvet Gardenia and Secretions Magnifique, most recently...

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    The one that prompted me to start this thread was Dunhill Desire Blue.

    Someone who reviewed it referenced it as smelling like Febreeze or bathroom cleaner, and I second that opinion.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Incense Rose, Vetiver Dance, Chypre Rouge, C&S no.88, Blue Amber, Dilmun, Secret Melange,
    Acier Aluminum, Rasa Extreme, YSL Jazz, Bijan, West Broadway, Bandit....I could go on.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Escada Magnetism - a single spritz to the back of the hand - endured 5 hand-washings, 6 hours of yard work, a shower, sleep, and another shower. A final hand-washing chased away the remnants. At least it's not an oversweet, chemical mess. Oh, wait...


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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    A*Men by Thierry Mugler. I was tempted to take a cheese grater to get it off my wrist
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    I recollect another thread where someone made a recommendation for something other than soap as being effective on scrubbers. Any idea what that might be?
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Musc Koublai Khan - dipers with full load
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Secretions Magnifiques goes almost without saying.

    Aside from that:

    A*Men and Jour de Fete - both reminded me of dried chocolate ice cream smeared on the face of a filthy child at a birthday party. I never want to smell like that.

    Other than that, I'm not so sensitive. Kouros, Jules, MKK, etc. aren't offensive to me. I don't want to smell like them, but they don't make me sick or anything.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    A*Men made me want to reach for my electric drill and sanding disc. Ditto Guerlain Vetiver, but from the other end of the spectrum.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Fahrenheit, Musk Re-Invented by CB I Hate Perfume, Ambre Topkapi, Viergas et Toreros, Cuiron, Cuiron and Cuiron.
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    The only fragrance that I had to rush back to the bathroom right after test application to scrub off was Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men. Even then, I could still smell it a mile away.

    I know that this fragrance has a lot more fans than the other Armanis here on Basenotes, but I can't stand it one bit. It was too sickening, cloying, and sweet... probably the worst fragrance that I have ever smelled. It's the olfactory equivalent of Chad the Alltel guy (my avatar), who I can't stand, either. But I have a feeling that unlike Chad, who's disappearing because Alltel is now part of Verizon, Diamonds will be with us for quite some time.
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    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Quote Originally Posted by yrk View Post
    Musc Koublai Khan - dipers with full load
    Whaaaaaa'?! My fave scent???

    IMO, most aquatic and "fresh", apologetic and politically correct scents are scrubbers for me. Why bother at all? But then, we are all different, even more so in the BaseNotes community. Thumbs up for agreeing to disagree amicably
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Incense Rose (as JwS said above) was really the worst scrubber for me. Second would be Lutens Rousse, and then Grey Flannel.

    But in a general sense, anything with a strong and overly dominant Patchouli note is a scrubber for me.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Quote Originally Posted by perfaddict View Post
    Whaaaaaa'?! My fave scent???
    yeah this topic brings a lot of controversy, many dont like a*men which i love and i dont care, every1 of us "perfume deviants" is eccentric in different way :P
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    I also experienced the Kouros situation.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Apologies in advance but Dior Homme is a sickeningly sweet scrubber for me.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    A*Men, I struggled with it for a bus journey then went straight to the closest bathroom
    For good, anatomic reasons, scent fosters memory more readily than any other sense.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    I really can't stand Guerlain Homme. It's a shame. It's nice enough, but it gives me such a headache. It's fully worth the scrub.
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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Habit Rouge, Guerlain Vetiver, Lonestar Memories.

    Only scent GF gagged on and requested a scrubbing was Brit (never understood her disdain for that one).

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur, Kingdom, Korous and Grey Flannel stick out in my mind.

    The other problem is when I go to take a shower halfway through the day to change my scent, and it just won't come off! I'll never apply Escada Magnetism, Rochas Man, or Terre d'Hermes if I plan on wearing another scent that day - they'll only wash off when they've decided they've had enough, which is usually about a whole day's time.

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    Thumbs down Re: Scrubbers....

    Blvgari Blu Notte. Holy crap that stuff makes me nauseous!
    Also, Nautica Sunset Voyage and Burberry for Men. Nautica smells like Indian food to my nose, and I had some type of allergic reaction to Burberry.

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    Default Re: Scrubbers....

    As much as I've not enjoyed several scents I never end up scrubbing them off unless I want to apply another scent in lieu of the one I'm not so fond of.

    I was feeling nostalgic one day and thought I'd apply some Versace Jeans Couture. Turns out it went rancid due to a leak in the cheap plastic bottle, and I smelled like antifreeze and Fabreeze. Just gross.

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