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    Default Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    I was thisclose to purchasing LV Sandalo when I noticed in the directory that Etro's Sandalo has 17 positives 1 neutral and 0 negative reviews. I've never sniffed it but would this be a better option than LV's? I'm also considering that the Etro is about half the price of the LV.

    For those that have sniffed both, which do you prefer?

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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    Love the Etro, it is creamy and natural smelling, not too harsh. However it is only EDC strength and longevity.

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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    I'm interested in the responses to this question, as I've been hearing a lot of good things about both also. Hmm...

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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    I'll have to dig through samples this weekend and try the LV again but I can say something about Etro. A very true and satisfying sandalwood note fleshed out with a good deal of what I think is myrrh and a bit of amber. A well-healed hippy sandalwood, warmer and less austere than Tam Dao, not leaning towards gourmand like Santal Noble.

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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    I've sampled many sandalwood frags in my search for The One, but I must say that none of them could give me the same instant effect of serenity and upliftment as real Mysore sandalwood oil. After having tried it extensively I don't think I could ever go back to wearing Etro, LV or Diptyque.

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    Post Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    Etro Sandalo in my opinion is a more linear Sandalwood. Smooth nothing harsh about this one,and the Sandlewood is a bit sweeter. On the other hand Sandalo by Villoresi has more goin on than just Sandalwood, now that's not a bad thing by any means, just a difference in a perfumers interpertation of a fragrance.Which is better? It's all in the eye of the beholder. I own, and wear both, and to choose just one would be tough. Sample both, and form your own opinion.
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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    i would opt for LV Sandalo, anyday. theres something very brash about the Etro...i cudnt get past the decant.

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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    I like the more polished sandalwood creations. Villoresi is one I detest. There's not many sandalwoods that I abhor , but LV is juice I just cannot wear. I find it very crude.

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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    No contest to me. Etro's is a nice sweet woody oriental, a good casual wear, the sandalwood is similar to that in CM Tricorn and it's entirely synthetic and really not even close to the smell of real sandalwood. At a certain point in the drydown it gets a bit plasticky-playdoh like, as do many Etros. LV Sandalo is more complex, challenging, and a brilliant meditation on Far Eastern spirituality from a Western perspective. The sandalwood notes are truer and beautifully blended with rosewood and other finer spices than Etro can offer them. Two very different styles, but LV is easily worth the higher price.
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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    I kind of like both and it'll be hard for me to choose between the two. However, if I must pick one, then it's going to be LV's version. I love the LV for it's opulence.. its just perfect.

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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    Lol, thanks for the responses guys ... now I'm more confused than ever (just kidding) Guess I'm going to have to find a sample of the Etro somewhere (do any retailer like Neimans carry this line?)

    I do like the LV (somewhat) after getting a decant off ebay ... but there's just something about it that I can't get past. I wore Santal Noble for the longest time but actually went from love to hate with it which I just can't explain. I can't even stand the smell of it now. I like the sound of "linear" with the Etro since I never could really understand the point of why perfumers use topnotes that just fade away after a short time. The Etro might just be what I'm looking for.

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    Default Re: Which Sandalo ... Etro or Lorenzo Villoresi?

    Etro starts better, LV ends better. Etro will draw you in with its excellent sandalwood rendition at the beginning but it falls apart around the halfway mark, thanks in due to a cheap cedar note (is this Iso E Super again?). Cedar as a sandalwood adulterant can satisfy if of good quality (as in Santal Noble) but in Etro Sandalo its generic quality nearly spoils the fragrance.

    Villoresis' sandalwood note won't materialise till 30 mins in and its drier than Etros. LVs top and middle notes are heavy on rosewood which might bother some people but it does evoke the meditative eastern atmosphere better than Etros. I believe Lorenzo Villoresi has been slowly but gradually decreasing the sandalwood content in Sandalo to the point that its now more of a fragrance with a sandalwood note than a sandalwood dominant fragrance (his adulterant of choice being a good quality rosewood)...I would rename it Rosealo.

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