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    Default How to open a used spray bottle?

    Hi guys, I have like 5 bottles of CK's 15ml men fragrances but all of them are apply-on versions. I'm so sick of applying (lazy,hehe) so is there a way to open an empty spray bottle to put my CK's 15ml fragrances in? I try many times, even use needle to input the fragrance but there's no use. There's no place selling empty fragrance / decant bottles in my place. Please help me!

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    Default Re: How to open a used spray bottle?

    I think a normal fragrance bottle is rivetted shut, so it's probably quite hard to open them and sealing them afterwards. If you have trouble getting an empty spray bottle, you could go to the drugstore and look for scentless deodorant sprays - these sometimes come with screwed-on spray mechanisms which are easy to remove and put back on. All you need is some non-aerosol ("Natural spray" or "Pump spray") product that doesn't smell.

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    Default Re: How to open a used spray bottle?

    Some small plastic spray bottles with screw in spray top - like those with eyeglass cleaner solution or computer screen cleaner solution - do the job very well, after they've been rinsed out and dried.

    But some don't - so just put a small amount in at first to make sure there is no leakage when bent at various angles, and test for a day on its side before putting more in.

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