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    Default has all of a sudden gotten Guerlain-friendly

    Neiman Marcus has always sold Guerlain fragrances (and makeup/skin care) but their online selections at were abnormally slim. It was confusing, because newbies would always ask about buying Guerlain scents like Habit Rouge and Heritage at local department stores and we all agreed it was becoming rare that you could see these scents at retail online stores (rather than buying them from the online discount retailers or auction sites).

    Well, yesterday I noticed that Neiman Marcus has filled their entire inventory (online) with all of the current, in production, mens scents and a lot of other specialty items.

    Now at you can buy: Vetiver, Habit Rouge (EdT), Heritage (EdT), L' Instant Pour Homme (EdT), Cologne du 68, Imperiale, Eau de Coq and Eau de Fleurs de Cedrat and Guerlain Homme.

    I also saw a handful of the 'Classics' that I don't ever remember seeing online: Mitsouko, Jicky, Chamade, Vol de Nuit, L' Heure Bleue, Eau de Guerlain and Jardins de Bagatelle.

    Also, they have the brand new La Petite Robe Noire; the full Les Elixirs Charnels line (Oriental Brulant, Gourmand Coquin and Chypre Fatal); the full L' Art et la Matiere line (Cruel Gardenia, Iris Ganache, Bois d'Armenie, Angelique Noire, Cuir Beluga and Rose Barbare) and the 180 Year Collectors Set (yes, the $3,750 one w/ 18 bottles).

    Of course, I know that their prices are much higher than most of us are used to paying. But still, it's nice to see a major US retailers online store that is so Guerlain-friendly.
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    Default Re: has all of a sudden gotten Guerlain-friendly

    How very interesting. I wonder what happened there?

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    Default Re: has all of a sudden gotten Guerlain-friendly

    Yes! I saw that this morning in an email notification from NM. It looks like they're presenting LPRN, the Elixirs Charnels, and L' Art et la Matiere as a limited time 'Trunk Show' offering.

    And you're right about the availability of more 'cassics.' I've happily noticed that too.
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    Default Re: has all of a sudden gotten Guerlain-friendly

    Really!? This is great... off to

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    Default Re: has all of a sudden gotten Guerlain-friendly

    This certainly makes things easier for some fragrances, though just a note these prices are slightly higher than what I paid (for the Elixir Charnels) ordering directly from Guerlain (actually $50 higher). Perhaps the cost went up as of 2009....

    Also - it appears they are taking orders until 4/19, with shipping no later than 4/22. Sounds like if you want to order online, you've got about 3 1/2 weeks, then it will be back to ordering via phone. I must admit it's very tempting...

    Anyone notice that that the fragrances in the photo of the 180 Year Collector Set don't match up with the listed fragrances? The photo shows Cologne du 68 and does not contain Cruel Gardenia, but the list contains Cruel Gardenia and not 68.

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