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    Default I live next to Lucky Scent? WHAT???

    I just moved back to LA from NY. My new place is in the Beverly Hills area (with my fellow stuck up Persians). I walked to Beverly Hills Fitness today and noticed a little shop on the way back home. I looked up and nearly fell in the streets from shock. The famed Luckyscent was in front of me. I've yet to visit and always wanted to and lo and behold I accidentally moved down the street from it. I went in and was a little let down. IT's like getting into Heaven and finding only 5 of the promised one million naked virgin girls. They had a bunch of fragrances but the place was about a fifth the size of Aedes and the SA was as personable as an ashtray. I tried a new line from Italy called Omnia Profumo and was BLOWN away. This is one hell of a line. I also finally tried the Montales, Six Scents, Sinfonia, and Social Creatures. I want to end on positive note so I'l start by saying Social Creatures was a waste of time. Boring scents I don't even feel like talking about. Frankfurt Kitchen was the one I liked a little but it dried down into a run of the mill floral gourmand. Yawwwn. The other 2 were sleep inducing. Six Scents were great but all besides one was far too feminine for my tastes (to wear I'd devour a woman who wore any of them). No.5 was lovely though and something I will re visit and perhaps purchase. Sinfonoia's Amande Sucre was an ultra soft powdery mess of confused notes and gluttony but I really liked it. The damned hot Cali weather is making my fragrance experience a sad one. I can't deal with heavy scents in warm weather and only like Blu Meditteraneo or Cathusia type fragrances - light and fleeting.

    I tried 2 Montales. Black Aoud and Boise Vanille. Both knocked me out. POWERFUL. Well constructed though even if linear. I'll write more in a later post as I'm still trying to regain consciousness. I get the obsession though, these are quality scents for sure, robust.

    Ombia takes the GRAND PRIZE today. I liked all 4 of their scents. Lustful is what rings in my head. This was a Turkish bath filled with sirens all in a bottle. I could swear a beautiful genie was about to pop out and give me a massage. Madera has a soft chewy caramel figure that melts with white musk and coconut trimmings. This sh#t is goooooood. I liked it on me and would fall to the floor and drown in my own drool if I woman wore this.

    Granato was my pick to wear from the line though. Jasmine, hawthorn, lilac, geranium, rose, gardenia??? What? I hate florals!!! I is loving this witch brew though! Cinnamon and sandalwood pick up this scent giving it a spicy charisma and the earthy vetiver fuses some TESTICLES into the mix subduing the florals.

    The other 2 were wonderful as well. Omnia rocks! Now I wonder how long before BVL sues them.

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    Default Re: I live next to Lucky Scent? WHAT???

    Haha, Anak, that is very funny! Now, you will have no excuse to join us at the next LA meetup

    It is true that they have a fraction of what is online represented in the store. However, they rotate stock enough that there is always something interesting to smell. And of course, the camaraderie is the best part!

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    Default Re: I live next to Lucky Scent? WHAT???

    That's great - I am sure many of us are jealous of your new location. I've only chatted with those folks on the phone, but Adam and Franco are both quite knowledgeable and personable - at least more than an ashtray!!

    Enjoy your close proximity!

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