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    Default help me pleseeee!

    hey guy,

    i need the recomendation from all of you..
    i'm going to buy a fragrance for someone birthday gift and i have no idea which one?
    the only thing i know was he really like the "Kenneth Cole Black", it is his favorite.

    and now i'm thinking about
    - Dolice&Gabbana the one for men
    - Dolice&Gabbana light blue for men
    He is 28 years old, so what you all think? pleasessss giving me an idea!


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    Default Re: help me pleseeee!

    Both of the D&G products you thought of are pretty good. "The One" is popular, but in my opinion a little bit heavy for spring and summer.

    YSL L'Homme is good as well.

    My favorite for summer is Acqua di Parma Colognia. It's really a beautiful smell and great for warm weather. It's a safe fragrance, almost everyone likes it. A little bit more expensive.

    And this is something to think about
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    Default Re: help me pleseeee!

    thanks for some idea..and btw what u think about Light Blue and YSL L'Homme?

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    Default Re: help me pleseeee!

    They're both pretty good. Different from each other. I think YSL L'Homme is more of a lighter evening scent where DG Light Blue is more daytime. Of course, that is just my opinion. D&G Light Blue for Men is sort of lemony. You should smell both before you decide. Everyone has a different idea of what they like.

    Buying a new cologne for someone is risky. Sometimes they love it, sometimes they don't. That's why I suggested the Acqua Di Parma Colognia. Even though it's more money, it's a safer bet that he'll like it.
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    Default Re: help me pleseeee!

    "Buying a new cologne for someone is risky. Sometimes they love it, sometimes they don't."

    i totally agree with you .. haha :P

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    Default Re: help me pleseeee!

    I would defo strip light blue off the list, some suggestions are

    loewe solo
    Bvlgari Extreme
    Fahrenheit 32

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    Default Re: help me pleseeee!

    I second adonis's suggestion of the Sephora Scent Sampler pack. It comes with 10 of their best sellers plus a voucher for a full bottle once he chooses which he likes the best. If you're near a Sephora this is the way to go, in my opinion.

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    Default Re: help me pleseeee!

    could you describe the guy a bit? athletic, sporty, shy,? this will help get better responses. for now, im going to suggest chanel allure edition blanche.

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