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    Default Went Window Shopping for Colognes Today

    Just a few observations/opinions

    - Sephora will make a sample of anything on their shelves for you. I did not know that.

    - YSL L'Homme is some sexy smelling stuff. Good for an evening scent. I know many BNers find it boring, but different strokes...

    - Bloomingdales has a LOT of fragrances for men - probably 5x the number that Macy's has.

    - Tried the new YSL LA NUIT DE L'HOMME. Not bad, but not all that exciting either.

    - Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Summer - if you like Creed MI, you might really like this scent. Quite some staying power as well. Still super strong on a card I sprayed it on 6 hours ago.
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    Default Re: Went Window Shopping for Colognes Today

    Thanks for the Sephora tip, Adonis. I was there a few weeks ago--Mall of America--and came home with a handful of strips. But I would have been happier with a handful of mL samples. And at that same time, had I known Bloomingdale's was so flush, I'd have taken the time to walk the extra mile or two and paid a visit.

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