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    Question LuckyScent samples

    I have bought so many samples from them and have been wondering whether the samples are diluted.

    A sample of Attar I got from them came almost light yellow, whilst the one from the basenoter is dark brown, almost like a black tea.

    The second case is my SotD -- Let me play the Lion, which happened to produce no sillage at all, and I wore half a vial all over my body. To be honest, I could not smell it at all today, and my nose is fully fine. Several months ago I wore this same scent (from a basenoter), using half less than the amount I used this morning, and it gave me strong sillage over 6 hours. Now I need to know your opinion.

    Oh, by the way, I did not wear any fragrance today
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    Default Re: LuckyScent samples

    No, of course they don't dilute samples. I'm guessing you're talking about Montale Attar, rather than Homage, but both are light yellow.
    A possibility is that perhaps the sample from the bnoter was from Attar with extra oil added.
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    Default Re: LuckyScent samples

    i was organizing my samples this weekend and i had 2 samples of blue amber......they have been in there for a few months cuz i have a bottle and havent used the samples. well i had the same problem as you and was wondering what was up. one of them was yellow and the other was yellowy brown. i put both on to see if they were diffferant and they were both the same smell......i wonder if the montales go bad? or turn colors?
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    Default Re: LuckyScent samples

    I think there were quite a few cases where the juice color changes, becoming darker or brighter or a different color altogether. It was recently discussed with Un Jardin en Mediterranee and Chergui. I doubt they would mess around by diluting but think the light or something else is to blame
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    Default Re: LuckyScent samples

    Luckyscent samples are just great! Heart that site!

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    Default Re: LuckyScent samples

    they are great !!!! i wasnt questioning luckyscent....i was questioning montales juice change colors

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    Default Re: LuckyScent samples

    Well colors do change... not to mention that Montale concentrations are known to be fluctuent. In the Paris boutique your fragrance can be concentrated by hand (just plain amateur and weird if you ask me)

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