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    Default Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    Another month and the first quarter has come to an end, time for stats!

    Mine look like this, what about yours?

    8 L’Air de Rien
    4 Hiris
    3 Coeur d’Été, Heure Exquise, L’Heure Bleue, Shalimar
    2 Bois d’Iris, Eau de Charlotte, Encens et Lavande, Mitsouko, Ormonde, Rose Kashmirie

    1st Quarter:
    11 Encens et Lavande
    8 L’Air de Rien
    7 Fleurs d’Oranger, N’Aimez Que Moi
    6 Messe de Minuit
    5 Shalimar
    4 Chypre Rouge, Gris Clair, Hiris
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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    A month of few repeats for me.
    4x Tam Dao
    3x Ambre Narguilé
    2x Moroccan Mint Tea, Eau Oarfumée au Thé Rouge, Philosykos, Eau des Merveilles, Sun, Dark Amber&Ginger Lily, Jour de Fête, L'Occitane Ambre, Covet

    The quarter:
    15x Tam Dao
    12x Dark Amber & Ginger Lily
    8x Jour de Fête, Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge
    6x Ambre Narguilé
    5x Jil Sander Sun, Moroccan Mint Tea
    4x Ambre Russe
    3x Covet, Philosykos, Fig&Vetiver
    2x Opoponax Intense, Ambra Tibet, No.23, Hiris, Eau des Merveilles, Safran Troublant, L'Occitane Ambre, MJ Blush
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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    The quarter:
    Chergui • Serge Lutens (4)
    Amour de Cacao • CSP (3)
    Belle en Rykiel • Sonia Rykiel (3)
    The month:
    Spiritueuse Double Vanille (2)
    Cašmir (2)
    Cast a Spell (2)
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    Autumn treasures: Magnetism, Midnight Orchid, Tea for Two,
    Aimez-Moi, Chinatown, Dzongkha, Five O'Clock Au Gingembre,
    Cittá di Kyoto, Jasmin de Nuit, Jasmin Full, Kelly Calèche, Venezia,
    Douce Amère, Eau de Charlotte, Falling In Love, Chergui, Prada,
    Rose Alexandrie, Hypnôse, Omnia, Flowerbomb, Poivre Piquant,
    Cuir Beluga, 7:15am in Bali, Lolita Lempicka, Fumerie Turque,
    Datura Noir, Songes, Gaultier², L'Ombre Fauve, Kors, My Couture,
    Ligea "La Sirena", Red Aoud, Rose Absolu, Cèdre, Milk, No. 23


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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    Hmmm...never thought to keep track. Why do you do that?
    ~~~~~~~~Pulsing veins of green rushing nutrients through unfurling leaflets , dirty-faced little blooms poking their sleepy heads up through cold March dirt...the promising scent of unfallen rain hanging heavy in the dark cloud-ladden air...Oh the beauty of Spring here in the country!

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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    Quote Originally Posted by TaraYvonne View Post
    Hmmm...never thought to keep track. Why do you do that?
    'Cause we're nerds and it's fun.

    I'm posting March only, as I wasn't doing SotD until February.
    Tocade 5
    Maja 2
    Ambre Narguile 2
    Mitsouko 3
    Hypnotic Poison 2
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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter


    Feminite du bois
    Miss Dior
    Love's true bluish light
    Musc Ravageur

    1st quarter:

    5x: Chergui
    Feminite du bois
    Narciso Rodriguez edt

    Crystal Noir
    L'heure bleue
    Musc Ravageur

    Sa majeste la rose
    Le baiser du dragon
    Love's true bluish light
    Miss Dior

    Opium fleur imperiale
    Madame x
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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    Most worn in the first quarter:
    Shalimar EDT - 16
    Number One - 14
    Arabie - 13
    Yardley English Lavender - 13
    Canaïca (Galimard) - 10

    Most worn in March:
    Number One - 14
    Yardley English Lavender - 7
    Euphoria - 6

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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    I don't keep count. Multiple wears this month include:

    Chanel No.19
    Bois 1920 Sandalo e The
    Bois 1920 Real Patchouli
    Guerlain Habit Rouge
    Guerlain Shalimar
    Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    Prada Infusion d'Iris
    Parfum d'Empire Ambre Russe
    Ava Luxe Ambra Tibet

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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    I started keeping a journal in January. It's interesting to see what others are reaching for, and to look at my own patterns. Here are my multiple wearings:

    3x - Embruns d'Ambre
    2x - Fleur de Liane, Ivoire, Chergui, Vanille Galante

    7x - Fleur de Liane
    5x - Embruns d'Ambre
    4x - Dzongkha
    3x - Bois d'Iris, Sienne l'Hiver, L'Oiseau de Nuit, Dans Tes Bras
    2x - Voleur de Roses, Genie des Bois, Blue Amber, Chergui, Vanille Galante, Ivoire, Nani, CdG Kyoto, Aomassai, ELPC Tuberose Gardenia, Rose Poivree

    Oh, man, I smelled GOOOOOD!!!
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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    1. Mitsouko
    2. Ambre Sultan
    3. L'heure Bleue
    4. Nanadesbarey Green
    5.CdG Incense Series In Kyoto

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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    For the month of March, I only had one repeater, Bandit, with two wearings. It was sort of weird month though, as I was sick several days and didn't wear anything.
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    Default Re: Most worn in March and 1st Quarter

    30 different scents worn in March 2009 and only Musc Ravageur repeated once.
    House of the month: Guerlain and Frederic Malle.

    Quarterly Stats:
    Saso x 4
    Black Orchid Voile de Fleur x 2
    Bvlgari Pour Femme x 2
    Cedre x 2
    Fracas x 2
    Santal Blanc x 2
    Shalimar x 2
    Soir De Lune x 2
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