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    Default Pure oil vs normal EDT Fragrance

    so as we all know you can get some strong oils (pure parfum) for super expensive for a relatively small amount

    the EDT is basically the same oil diluted in alcohol

    the question is, say we have 100ml bottle would only about 10ml of be pure oil?
    I know there is the % oil scale for each EDC EDT EDP classification, however sometimes it doesn't come across that way

    let me know!
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    Default Re: Pure oil vs normal EDT Fragrance

    I've honestly never seen pure perfume oil in the sense of 100% aromatics and no dilutant. Parfum extrait is usually the highest concentration, but I doubt you'll find many that are higher than 30-40%. A Middle Eastern Basenoter here said that even "pure" oud oil tends to be diluted in their area to 70% to be more wearable, and that's a higher concentration than I've ever heard of in western perfumery.

    Of course, raw essential oils and absolutes aren't - or at least, shouldn't be - diluted when you buy them, but I find few are wearable as fragrances themselves, especially undiluted,

    Ultimately, extraits tend to be overpriced given that often all you're getting is something that's, say, 5% more concentrated, but they often have a distinct character from the EdT or EdP versions ( see the many discussions of the different strengths of classic Guerlains, for example ).

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    Default Re: Pure oil vs normal EDT Fragrance

    I always thought that would be the case but it really doesnt make sense that they jack up the price for not diluting something. At least in a reasonable range

    the best example is probably Encre Noire edt and edp
    the strength difference is very minimal (may I would guess 5% more oil in the edp over edt) but the price is around 10x more
    not reasonable at all!
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    Default Re: Pure oil vs normal EDT Fragrance

    I think the EDP of Encre Noire is in a crystal bottle and is a collectible.
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    Default Re: Pure oil vs normal EDT Fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by supracuhz View Post
    I think the EDP of Encre Noire is in a crystal bottle and is a collectible.
    yea thats pretty much what they all do with their parfums extraits
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