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    Default Recommendation for my GF


    So, it so happens that my girlfriend has a rather sensitive sense of smell, and as a result has over the years decided that she doesn't like fragrances (Hardly blame her, as people have a tendency to drown themselves in juice).

    I've been exposing her to various things, and based upon her preferences (Doesn't like sweet or overtly floral, 'Mainstream feminine' fragrances) stumbled directly into one she says she actually "Loves". This is strong talk coming from an anti-fragrance person. *laugh*

    Ironically, it's a notoriously difficult to find juice. Guerlain Sous le Vent. Anyone recommend some other fragrances in the range? I actually gave her my one sample vial, but don't remember what the juice smelled like -- I'm thinking dry green chypre, but I don't know the women's side of the aisle well at all.


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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    Sous Le Vent is in the family of Green Chypres.
    It is quite astringent and yet subtle. I consider it
    to be quite similar to "O" de Lancome at the start and
    that is easy to get hold of. Have you tried Diorella or Y be YSL?

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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    Amazingly, I have not tried SLV. However, in green chypres, I like Chanel No.19, Estee Lauder Private Collection (original) and Chanel Cristalle (I have the EDP, but the EDT is also great). Kewart made some great suggestions, too. There are other green lovers here on BN, so hopefully they will chime in!

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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    I second Kewart's suggestions of Lancome O de Lancome, Dior Diorella and YSL Y.

    May I also recommend samples of:

    Guerlain Mitsouko (EDT but do try the three different formulations, also try to get your hands on the vintage)
    Czech & Speake Neroli
    Penhaligons Victorian Posy
    Ava Luxe Moss parfum
    Ava Luxe Ingenue
    Dior Miss Dior (vintage if you can find it)
    La Perla by La Perla
    Lentheric Tweed (seriously underrated, wearable chypre)
    Hermes Caleche
    Clinique Aromatics Elixir (dabbed NOT spritzed, a little goes a VERY long way)
    Givenchy Givenchy III
    Guerlain Jicky EDT
    Czech & Speake Citrus Paradisi

    Good Luck & Happy Sniffing!

    (Do let us know if she finds any other loves)
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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    Sous le Vent is one of my favorites, therefore I think your girlfriend has spectacular taste!

    Great suggestions so far.

    Personally I have trouble with O de Lancome, though I agree that it's in the same family... Also recommend JL Scherrer and Givenchy III (disclaimer: I am selling a nearly full bottle of Givenchy III on the sale thread because it does not work as well for me as SlV or Scherrer -- I like it a lot but don't love it the way I do those two - Travtex, PM me if you'd like a "taste" of this for your GF and I'll adjust the amount [and price] of my 'sale' bottle accordingly). Other possibilities include Liz Zorn's Soivohle Oakmoss, Molinard de Molinard, as well as Quarry's favorite, Nanadebary Green. Long Lost Perfume's Replique is also a nice clear and spicy green chypre.

    Happy sniffing!
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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    All such wonderful suggestions. May I add Ava Luxe's Chypre Noir to the estimable list of recommendations? It is a rich green chypre at an utterly reasonable price.

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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    She got pretty well entranced by Chanel #19 (And then jokingly went on to say the key quality must be that the juice in question needs to be discontinued and/or notoriously difficult to actually find).

    How similar is Luxe's Chypre?

    Edit to add: Also, where would Cabochard fit into the mix?
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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    Well, No.19 ***IS*** hard to find, and Chanel discontinued distribution of all but the EDT in the US.

    I just got a sample of Annick Goutal Heure Exquise, and this is pretty close to No.19 in the top and mid notes.

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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    I think Ava Luxe Dark Chypre is lovely and very much in the green mossy family. Cabochard would also be a good choice, also Balmain, Ivoire. Both can be found at discount and are great bargains.

    Maybe try Ormond Jayne (Woman) even though you have to send away for it on the OJ website. It's worth it.
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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    A lot of wonderful suggestions, but the closest scent I have tried in type, strength, similarities, etc... is Philtre d'Amour by Guerlain. Now I do not know how much you want to spend, because it is pricey, but it costs less than SlV. It should be available at Neimans or Saks that have a quality Guerlain presence.
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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    I'll second Brielle's recommendation (my recent acquisition!), though for the price of Philtre d'Amour you'd be close to buying a bottle of Sous le Vent. If you want to spend less you may want to consider Guerlain's Chant d'Aromes, which is another light, green fragrance. The modern formula is particularly light and probably would suit someone who doesn't like heavy smells. Another feminine green chypre is Clinique Aromatics Elixir, available at any department store with a Clinique stand.

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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    I just thought of another frag that is a favorite of mine (I'm also a major Sous le Vent fan) and it's easier to find in a dept store than most of these others. It's Estee Lauder: Azuree. Snappy galbanum and moss. It's perfect for spring. You might have to ask for it as it is usually under the counter these days.

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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    Appreciate the suggestions. I'm note entirely convinced 'Light' is a factor -- The stuff she likes on ME are the juices I'd consider heaviest in my wardrobe: Antaeus, Gucci PH, Visit, Quorum. Definitely not a fan of aquatics, in any case. She even liked Kublai Khan. *laugh*

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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    If it is galbanum that really captures her heart (and I do understand, I love it too), then she might also like Guerlain Vol de Nuit. The EDT is not too expensive, and it is not so rare that you can't get it for a reasonable price.

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    Default Re: Recommendation for my GF

    I've been suspecting the galb--anum. Though with her preferences along the men's offerings I've trotted out, I'm wondering if it isn't the animalic notes.

    (I should strap on some Yatagan and find out...)

    It's been kind of rewardingly entertaining. When we met, she was an 'I hate scents' type of person, but she simply has a -very- sharp nose and hates the mainstream Fruity Aquatic Men // Sugary Flower Women paradigm.

    I was looking at a bottle of #19 the other day, glibly commented that one could buy the bottle and sell off half of it in decants to make back the cost. Ms. I Hate Perfumes said, 'No, no, it's mine mine all mine!' *laugh*

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