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    Default Re: Amouage Journey (First 4)

    Does every bottle still come with the small paper signed by the artist who crafted and filled it? That's classy.

    I posted a link to a YouTube video a while ago showing a small tour of the Amouage factory. It's true - one of the best niche houses.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mudassir View Post
    If one can exclude the price factor, this is one of the best niche houses (and one of the very few ones who put effort into their creations). My current favorites (in this pecking order) are Dia for Men, Silver for Men, Reflection for Men, Gold for Men, Dia parfum for Women and Jubilation 25 for Women

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    Default Re: Amouage Journey (First 4)

    Quote Originally Posted by SculptureOfSoul View Post
    I've finally tried somethign other than Arcus.. both Lyric and Reflection have proved my instincts wrong. I can't speak for all Amouage fragrances, but these two definitely use higher quality ingredients. I'd be willing to bet that Reflection is at least 50% natural, or at least the huge doses of orris, ylang, and jasmine are natural.

    Whether or not I like all of their fragrances is irrelevant to the fact that I now have huge respect for Amouage as a niche line. In comparison they make certain other niche lines look like amateurs.
    SOS, I would love to hear your opinions on Dia for Men and Gold for Men. Personally Dia, has been the really winner out of all the Amouage I have tried, I think it truly shows best how high quality there scents are.
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    Default Re: Amouage Journey (First 4)

    I am wearing Dia (Men) as my SotD today. Long story short, i love the way i smell! Dia stays close to the skin, but what opulence, what quality! It opens not with a blast, but with a rich enveloping aura of soft citrus, florals and spice (in what order i cant tell). I am over two hours into wearing and the subtle leather and patchouli have kicked in. What i love the most, experience-wise is the wafts of opulence i get anytime i move. I am looking forward to a short stint in the sun (rainy weather permitting) where i know Dia goes into overdrive. the Omanis must love this in their climate.

    I also have Lyric (Men) which seems not to get good "press" here. So far, it is my best rose fragrance. Understated elegance. I appreciate why some are underwhelmed by Lyric, but i believe Amouage stayed true to the purity of the ingredients, not infusing anything that would have toned things up a bit more.

    A quest of mine is to buy Amouage Gold. I love skanky scents and have no problems with "loudness". On a lighter note, Vibert's opener: “Egads! Honeyed cat pee...." in the Reviews is what sold Gold irreversibly to me (never smelt it before) as i love honey (SL's Miel de Bois) and civet. I am ready to be embraced (for the better, i hope) by the "experience".

    Amouage is a House to be respected.
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