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    Thumbs up M by Mariah Carey

    So I am the biggest Mariah Carey fan on gods green earth and I never smelled her scent until today. I immediately bought a bottle! Yes yes I know very girly but its an amazing scent. Opens up with marshmallow and a sea beeze accord the gets even better with moroccan incense and amber. Easily wearible by a man. And it was twenty bucks at marshalls. One of the best fragrance purchases I have made in along time. I am even more in love with her now. Mariah por vida. Good stuff. God she's a goddess!!! Ok ill stop. Haha I'm sure no one will even comment on this post but I'm putting it out there
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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    She has an angelic yet strong voice like no other. I dont want to smell like her though unless its the morning after . . .


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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    I would beat her with every shoe from her gigantic shoe closet!
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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    Well I love and adore her and I would smell like her anyday. Hahaha and I'm dead serious

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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    she has a terrific voice but her appeal and personality makes me sick, I cant stand her more than 2 minutes.All that Mimi story, fragile, lolita crap... I think I am getting to old for that.
    Again, she has a great voice and has composed some incredible epic ballads.Respect for that!

    As far as the fragrance goes ... I cannot detach her personality from the perfume so I do not like it either
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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    I can undertsand that. Epic ballads!! That's for sure. There is just something about her that drives me wild. But I really feel the fragrance is exceptional. Really!

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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    She is so beautiful - I have stood by her even during her Glitter day's meltdown. M has every right to be the bitch and diva she rightfully chooses to be.

    If she came out with a men's fragrance I would be "all" over it!

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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    Quote Originally Posted by Scentronic View Post
    I would beat her with every shoe from her gigantic shoe closet!
    LMAO ! Whether its beating off to your frag wardrobe or beating people with shoes, you make me laugh.

    I can't stand Carey at all. Her voice, her music or her looks.

    But if you like her fragrance and it makes you satisfied, then go for it

    Edit: top sentence referring to another joke Scentronic made in another thread.
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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    i dont get it.....are you people telling me that if her fragrance smelled 'divine' you wouldnt purchase it because it has her name on it? I dont care if fragrance is called "For the Bernie Madoff in Him", the smell is the only standard i am going to judge it by.
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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    Ok , yes we are entitled to our own opinions, but mariah carey is a superb freak of nature. She has to be one of the most amazing song writers in music history. Obviously she is supremely talented or else she wouldnt have amassed a fourtune of 300 million dollars. Like i said we are all entitled to our own opinions, some people hate coldplay, i adore coldplay, but we cannot deny that Mariah is simply super talented. just listen to a song like Circles from the Emancipation of Mimi. So much emotion. I do think her personality is a little out there, but most talented people are. Listen to a song like Underneath The Stars, she paints so vividly a night of young love that you can almost imagine you are there with her. Listen to The Fourth of July from the Butterfly album and instatnly you are transported to a a warm July night with your first love watching fireworks and remembering what it was like to be in love for the very first time. Before heartbreak, hurt and mistrust. Shes brilliant. period. i didnt want to rant because on this a fragrance forum, and there are so many stuffy, stuck up people that never let you talk about but niche fragrances I just had to put my two cents. oh and btw COOLWATER Summer 2009 is at marshalls already!! that was super quick
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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    Another frag to sample if you can is the new Halle. I got a paper sample from a female friend. It seems like a sweet oriental, but I don't think much of the paper samples.

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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    Haha scentimus !!! I would be like the spokes person for a mariah carey mens scent. Mimi is the business. Hands down haha beat off hahaha omg

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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    Blacklibran. . do i know you?? For real. I knew a black guy who was a huge Mariah Carey fan. and i think he was a Libra . . is that you, Roderick?

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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    I hope that when I become a major celebrity and launch "Joey for Dudes" I will receive a great deal of respect for my inspiration, and not ridicule because of my large fake penis or penchant for public breakdown
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    Marshmallow and sea breeze accord? This really smells good to you blacklibran1?
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    Default Re: M by Mariah Carey

    No my name is not roderrickm its jason. And yes mike it smells good . Very warm and inviting. Wow the repsonses I got from this post blow my mind. Hahaha lesson for the day goes as follows
    1. Listen to song Subtle Invitation from the charmbracelet album

    2. Spray two pumps of M by Mariah Carey

    3. Drink a nice glass of Pinot Grigio

    4. Become enamored by her existence.

    That's all I did last nite after my 2 hour intense work out and it sealed the deal. Marshmallows and sea breeze accord are the business. I plan on buyin Luscious Pink she says, when its for real its forever. Mariah for life. And maybe a little John Mayer..I'm so libra

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