SotY #9 Creed Green Irish Tweed

Total Wears: 292 (0.5%)
Number of weeks of at least one wear: 51
Low week: 0 wears in week 32
High week: 16 wears twice in weeks 3
Average: 5.61 wears/week
Number ones: 0
Top 10’s: 20

Creed Green Irish Tweed comes in at number nine. Green Irish Tweed is one of two Creeds in the top 10. The top week for Green Irish Tweed came in week 3 with a synchronized wear around St. Patrick’s Day sending it to three times its average for that week. Green Irish Tweed had 27 weeks of 6 wears or greater. Like Egoiste, Green Irish Tweed also seemed to be a seasonal scent as it was the Creed that was most present during the warmer months. Green Irish Tweed’s lowest weeks came in the second-half of the year when all 10 of the weeks charting 3 wears or less started with week 26.
Green Irish Tweed never made it to number one but did make it into 20 top 10’s.
Green Irish Tweed is definitely one of the two flagship scents for Creed and it is one of the most discussed scents on the boards. Because of that level of discussion I think it is one of the Creeds that even those who have an aversion to Creed give a try. It is also one of those scents that also is widely recommended as one of the Creeds to start with. The final factor to Green Irish Tweed’s popularity is it is genuinely thought to be one of the classics of men’s colognes. All of that together combines to create the number nine scent for the year.
See you tomorrow with #8.