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    Question caron le 3rd homme-have i been scammed?

    Folks i know a lot of people rave about caron le 3rd homme-and i recently purchased a bottle of it through not sure if i have purchased a fake copy of it or what but on the reverse of the box it says 99,rue du faubourg saint-honore 75008 paris.i have always thought that caron was based at 90,rue du faubourg? could any basenoter explain why on the fragrance box there is a different address to the contact address on carons not saying i have been scammed its just a bit odd to say the least as to why caron are using 2 different addresses.and also the fragrance does not last that long on myself-a maximum of 4 hours only.i would appreciate any help.many thanks.

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    Default Re: caron le 3rd homme-have i been scammed?

    That's just what my bottle says and mine smells just like the other bottle I had several years ago. I think you're okay.

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    Default Re: caron le 3rd homme-have i been scammed?

    Nos Boutiques Caron
    Nous vous invitons à contacter nos Boutiques par téléphone ou par e-mail pour tout achat de nos exclusivités Boutique.

    34 Avenue Montaigne - 75008 Paris - France - Tél : 33 (0)1 47 23 40 82
    90 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008 Paris - France - Tél : 33 (0)1 42 68 25 68
    Phyto Universe - 715 Lexington Avenue - NY, NY 10022 - 1.877.88.CARON

    the above addresses are directly from the Caron website.

    Google Maps show 99 Rue du Faubourg and 90 Rue du Faubourg to be about 300 meters apart and indicate 90 Rue du Faubourg as the address of Caron Perfumes. The odd and even numbers also indicate different sides of the street in France as in the USA I believe. Interesting..
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    Default Re: caron le 3rd homme-have i been scammed?

    I hope youre okay also, but I wouldnt recommend anyone to shop on Ebay, the risk is too high, unless its your favorite seller or something
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    Default Re: caron le 3rd homme-have i been scammed?

    many thanks for your replys.with regards to my purchase on e-bay of caron le 3rd homme(it was my first ever purchase and i paid in total £35.99 for a 125ml edt bottle of third man-which also included first class recorded post aswell).he states on his shop on e-bay that he sells no knock offs or any fakes and that every fragrance he stocks is 100% genuine and he has quite a high rating of 99.8%.i have always wanted to purchase a caron fragrance-but in the uk there are very few shops that stock them and if they do the prices can be sky high so to speak-so i took the decision to purchase on e-bay.he also has
    L'Anarchiste aswell for sale(£39.99 for 125 ml edt).its not that i dont dislike 3rd homme but for an edt it does seem quite soft and doesnt seem to last that long on myself-and am a bit confused by the two different addresses.

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