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Thread: Fragrance Gift

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    Question Fragrance Gift


    Could someone provide some suggestions for a perfume gift? I was leaning towards Vera Wang Truly Pink as its Floral especially Rose which my GF likes. Any other good Rose based fragrance from well known designer houses? Any rose fragrances from Prada or Versace? Thanks!
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    It really depends what your GF prefer. Theoretically there are many fragrances with a rose note but they can be oriental, chypre or more esperidic ones. I will just give you few generic suggestions. you must be more specific if you want more helpful repies.

    YSL Paris
    YSL Rive Gauche
    Guerlain Nahema
    Dior MIdnight Poison
    Hermes Kelly Calèche

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    I second the Kelly Caleche... totally

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