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    Default Re: Come Spring Fling with us

    Wow, great descriptions, thank you so much for telling us about it. Sniffa sounds great.

    And I'll add a "hello!" to Whiffman and G Knight from all the way across the pond!
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    Default Re: Come Spring Fling with us

    Thanks so much for the reports, debbbora and other attendees. It sounds wonderful. I went to the LA Sniffa last year with Tovah, and I heard that the NY one is the absolutely best. I'm hoping to make it to the Fall NY Sniffa.

    We need a special BN call or handshake so that we can connect at events like this!
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    Default Re: Come Spring Fling with us

    Maybe color coded scarves or funny hats. Or some really strong perfume. Ok, maybe not the really strong perfume.

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    Default Re: Come Spring Fling with us

    I always write "RHM" under my name, so people know it's me. It's so crowded though....I don't know if anybody actually looks at the name tag. There's also a lot going on, plenty to see & smell.
    I like the funny hat idea.

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    Default Re: Come Spring Fling with us

    What a great event! I wish I could have been there (but then your description makes me feel almost like I was)

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