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    Default Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    I usually wear my David Yurman cuff bracelet on my right arm and my watch on the left. Well I have made a vow that I am no longer going to wear a watch - do you think it would look odd if I started wearing my cuff bracelet on the left arm? I am going to feel naked with out something where my watch once was..

    I have noticed that all guys wear their bracelets it on the right even if they are watchless...

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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    My watch died in the a** a few weeks ago, so now I wear a neoprene / white gold / yellow gold bracelet which I alternate between right and left wrists. In fact, because I'm right-handed, I find when Im typing at my keyboard or writing longhand, the bracelet (when worn on the right wrist) drags and rattles across the table, and drives me a leeeeettle bonkers. This is why I alternate occasionally.

    Anyway, in short, I find it odd that you would think it odd if perhaps you wore a bracelet on the left(?). Is there a particular reason for thinking this? Are we talking aesthetics, or is there an unwritten rule that Im unaware of (like men's earring do's and dont's in the late 80s)?

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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    I never wore a watch, but I have a gold bracelet on my left wrist. I think its just a question of tradition. If you dont feel weird ditching the watch to go with a bracelet, good for you. I shows confidence to break rules like this and not look out of place

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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    I think it is perfectly fine. Besides it will get on your nerves if you are a righty and you wear it on your right wrist.
    Of course, you will probably be glancing at the cuff on your wrist all the time now...

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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    Ok so is this a man thing with the bracelet on the left wrist, but not on the right? I say that you paid for it and you wear it however you want to. Hell if I paid almost a grip for a bracelet, I'd wear it on my ankle, wear it as a hair bow, or if I was a size 0 then I would hula hoop with it. I know that's how I would wear mine, anyway I chose. I don't do fashion. I do me. I wear my charm and tennis bracelets on my left wrist with my watch and my bangles on my right wrist. I can't be without my watch though. I hate having to dig thru my purse to find my phone to get the time when there's no clock around. Wear it on your right wrist.
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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    Wear it where ever feels most comfortable, usually I wear on my left. I work on a computer all day, it's just irritating on the right because I use my mouse a lot. I really don't think it matters.
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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    I prefer the left wrist because of thecomputer and note taking. I don't wear a watch as there are clocks everyplace!
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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    I wear one of these on my right wrist.
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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    I could never wear anything aside from my watch on the wrist.

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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    ^ Same here

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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    I don't wear a watch, but I wear a bracelet on my left wrist for the same reason I would wear my watch on my left hand: I'm right handed so I do a lot more stuff with that hand and a bracelet/watch might get in way. But I don't think it matters what wrist you wear it on.

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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    I tend to wear a rubber band on my left just to fiddle with nowadays.

    I agree with Dimitri: wrist decor on my right (dominant) hand gets in the way.
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    Default Re: Wearing a bracelet on your left arm -

    I will suggest you to wear your bracelets on right hand because, many people wear their bracelets on right hand instead of wearing a bracelet on their left hand.

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