SotY #5 Creed Bois du Portugal

Total Wears: 391 (0.7%)
Number of weeks of at least one wear: 51
Low week: 0 wears in week 14
High week: 15 wears in week 50
Average: 7.50 wears/week
Number ones: 2
Top 10’s: 33

The second Creed in the top 10 is Creed Bois du Portugal. Bois du Portugal was the yin to the other Creed, Green Irish Tweed’s yang. Green Irish Tweed was at its height in wears in the warm weather months. Bois du Portugal was at its height in the cooler weather. The difference is striking as Bois du Portugal averaged 4.76 wears/week in the first 24 weeks of the year and then doubled that average to 9.71 wears/week in the last 28 weeks.
Bois du Portugal is one of the entry level scents to niche. It is many Basenoter’s first scent when they begin to explore niche scents. Bois du Portugal is one of the more highly regarded scents by the community and its position in the top 10 reflects that. There were a number of posters who have Bois du Portugal as a consistent member of their cold-weather roatation. It is also the signature scent of one poster who posted 40 wears of Bois du Portugal and was responsible for 10% of the wears of Bois du Portugal. Bois du Portugal was a male only scent with less than 5 wears coming from the women.
See you tomorrow with #4.