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    Default Main forums not visible (edit: seems to be ok now)


    The forums have disappeared for me on the main page. If I log out, I can see them. This is happening in both Firefox and IE.

    I can navigate backwards from a thread to sub-forums such as Female Fragrance Discussion, Off-Topic, or Community Centre, but if I try to go to a parent forum (Fragrance Discussion, General Discussion, or Misc), I also get a blank forum.
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    Default Re: Main forums not visible

    I am getting that too, with Firefox

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    Default Re: Main forums not visible

    It's the same is for me with IE and Chrome - but only after I log in.
    If I log out, the Forums come back to the way they're supposed to be.

    How curious.
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    Default Re: Main forums not visible

    That was quick! Seems to be back to normal.

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