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Thread: Rochas Absolu

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    Question Rochas Absolu

    I obtained a sample of Rochas Absolu today and was pleasantly surprised to find it, IMO, unisex and a bit nicer than Dior's Addict. What do you think of the comparison? It is discontinued but, some stock is still available here and there. Anyone have the list of notes. Not much info out there on this one.
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    This is one of my bargain-bin favorites. It's a very smooth, deep, "brown" Oriental that isn't all that much like Addict when it goes into the heart/base notes.

    The scent is marked by a balsamic/benzoin/labdanum drydown that seems pleasantly clay-like to me. The orange blossom predominates, and is modulated by black pepper. It is somewhat similar to the discontinued L'Occitane Neroli, but not as thick or rough.

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    Here are the notes;
    Top note : Mandarin orange, fig leaf
    Middle note : Fleur de lys, orange blossom, black pepper
    Base note : labdanum ciste, tolu balsam, benzoin

    It is so far superior to Dior Addict, which I loathe, I can not even think of comparing the two.
    It is warm, bright, deep, otherworldly. It is wonderfully sweet and yummy, without being overkill; i.e. a no no for diabetics.
    To top all of this off, it is usually found for a very reasonable price.
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    I found the two somewhat dissimilar and agree with Brielle that Absolu is richer in nuances and not sweet at all. I can't "do" Addict, BTW, and I tired many times.

    Strangely, Absolu is one of the chameleons because it is cooling in the heat with its citrus more pronounced and warming when it is cold because of the lingering base. Please PM me if you need more mls to play with.
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