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    Default Re: Borderline weird scents you have recently tried

    Three blends made by local perfumists, good intentions gone awry:

    1-. Mix incense, patchouly and cypress, you get a weird scent described by others as "dry tobacco"
    2-. Mix musk and hesperedic notes, you get a strange smell reminiscent of vomit that turns into the same drydown as that of Signoricci's.
    3-. Finally, mix whatever it is: a woody - oriental smelling bad on the skin, but with wonderful sillage.

    Rather than wearing them, I smell them on cards, cotton balls or just a dab on my hand. It is the sort of fragrance worth analyzing, rather than applying.

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    Default Re: Borderline weird scents you have recently tried

    I own and love a frightening number of scents on this thread, so I must be a lover of weird scents. My current pre-purchase obsessions are C&S Cuba, which I think is an insanely crazy jumble of smells I like and Dzongkha, which is my iris of choice at the moment. (I don't find it all that weird though.) A third, and one that hasn't yet been mentioned, is Fumidus, which I'm trying not to buy because it's $240 and smells like a bottle of really good scotch, so I doubt I should wear it to work!

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    Default Re: Borderline weird scents you have recently tried

    I'd have to say the entire range of B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, that Turin/Sanchez hyped beyond belief, is the oddest group of fragrances out there.
    A good one word description for them is raw. I get the feeling if you put one of them into the oven for 45 minutes, on medium heat, you would end up with something that smells like a "real designer" scent.
    But as they stand, they are the olfactory equivalent of raw foodism.
    I bought Breath of God in London this past week and I have to say that it presents its mix of notes, cedar, grapefruit, smoke/pepper, vetiver, Ylang Ylang and juniper, rather randomly; creating more of a collage than a true accord.
    It does have great longevity for something that is mostly composed of naturals and I'm finding it to be quite addictive.
    But in the end, there's that raw quality that keeps things strange.
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