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    Default Jovan Black Musk!

    I love this brand. I'll never forget when I was in Middle School my friend called me and told me he has a secret for getting laid. He whispered it on the phone then came over. He made me promise not to share it then told me about Jovan Musk. So I went and bought it from the local drugstore. My mom told me I smell cheap then my Dad told me I can throw the Jovan away or move out of the house. I still wore it out and thought it worked form my friend it didn't work for me at all. If anything it drove girls away. Far away . . .

    I later discovered and wore Sex Appeal (didn't work either but smelled better). I was buying shampoo from the drugstore and saw Black Musk and had to try it!!! It's not bad actually. It has an ambery sweet fragrance with no distinct notes (I mean its Jovan so I wasn't expecting depth). But the kitsch is worth getting a bottle!

    Larry gave me his leisure suit.

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    Default Re: Jovan Black Musk!

    Saw that one at KMART yesterday they had a display with the tester for the women's and men's version I tested the men's version and you are right it is a sweet ambery fragrance. It is very familiar I couldn't seem to put a finger on it but I have smell it before maybe in a bath and body works amber fragrance and it is somewhat similiar to the Tim Mcgraw fragrance and the Stetson Untamed.

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    Default Re: Jovan Black Musk!

    I like it - !

    I thought it smelled like a butch version of Black Amethyst by Bath and Body Works -

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    Default Re: Jovan Black Musk!

    Scentimus what is that smell........It isn't Stetson Black maybe Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne, Mambo something man I know I have smelled a similiar fragrance before or maybe it is The Stetson Untamed. Besides the Black Ameyste is there any others you could think of it reminds you of?

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    Um, black amethyst is amazing! dont hate!

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