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    Today I received my bottle of Trussardi Jeans- I bought this totally un-sniffed!

    I have to say I am really happy with this fragrance - it is a totally departure from Trussardi Uomo (another great scent)

    Jeans on my skin started with a quick citrus that was quickly taken over by litchi which provided a very juicy fruity note then a black currant note joins in which has a slight bitter fruity note to contrast. These notes hang around all the way to the down dry and join rosemary which give a marine feeling and cedar which is the rich base of this fragrance.

    The scent is very long lasting it is still going from 12:00 pm to now at 10:00 pm and gave good sillage which I found surprising - I really love how the cedar blends with the litchi and black currant.

    Why I didn't try this earlier -

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    Sounds similar to how I felt about my recent blind buy of Madness Natural Black. Because the way you describe TJ is somewhat similar to MNB (and because I like MNB so much) I now don't feel like there's a major need to sample TJ. One down and hundreds to go! LOL.

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    Trussardi Jeans is a sleeper. I bought it blind too a few months ago and was surprised at its longevity. Being a citrus scent, it lasts longer than other similar ones. The orange note is prominent throughout its life on my skin. I find the base powdery and full-bodied. This one can be worn in winter too.
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    I used to own and like this one also but grew tired of it eventually. I don't think I even made halfway through my 50ml bottle. I don't dislike it ... but rarely reached for it. There were just too many others in this frag's "category" I thought were better.

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    Default Re: Trussardi Jeans -

    always great to hear of blind buy success stories, ive yet to try anything from trussardi, now im tempted to , but i hardly see the brand in frag shops, prolly the boutique?

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    I think it's a refined and complex scent, maybe not as classic as Trussardi Uomo, but almost certainly a future purchase.

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    i heistate to buy this
    i may get decant (around 60ml) for about 13$ with shipping
    but im not sure if it will fit my requirements, because im looking something less woody and more citrusy
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