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    Default Your favorite Easter frag

    For those of you who are celebrating Easter, what do you plan to wear to church to celebrate Easter? I just love this time of year, the earth renewed, mirgratory birds are back, daffodils -- heavenly. I normally would wear Guerlain Vetiver as my Easter scent but I am out ... not sure what to wear. For some reason, Lauder for Men reminds me of this time of year, maybe it's the vetiver that I associate with spring, the smell of grass ... I may go with that one. How about you?
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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    I don't go to church, but Passage d'Enfer is my usual Easter scent. It just seems to fit.

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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    Oh, AJ, you're a bad boy with your scent choices! LOL!

    I told a new Basenoter that I would wear Gucci pour homme to blend in with the incence tomorrow. I think Jesus would like this scent so Gucci it is...

    Have a blessed Easter everyone!
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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    I've been thinking about this all week...Friday I wore Mitsouko, because I feel it to be the most solemn scent I own. Today I wore Chanel No. 22, because its incense and flowers felt reverant. Tomorrow... I've toyed with Eau Premiere, Bellodgia, and Fleurs de Rocaille; heavily leaning towards Bellodgia right now.

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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    With it's blend of neroli, jasmine and iris, Arpège pour Homme as the Easter-Spring thing goin' on.
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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    Boum Homme

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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    Tauer's Incense Extreme.... for the wonderful intense Incense, which I also always associate with Easter. ... Or else, like you said, something that I associate immediately with the arrival of spring. This for me would be Mugler's Cologne ! (with that striking near flourescent green juice) ...
    Here is an experiment. I am going to try for Easter Sunday, a good splash of Mugler Cologne, then layer over with a light spritzing of Incense Extreme. And both of these sprayed onto a body that has been moisturised with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Cream. (Which will leave your skin smelling just like a choc easter egg).
    So you should be left with an interesting, slightly Gourmand, Clean-Vetiver-Incense combination . How does that sound ?
    I just have to try this out now, now that I've set my mind "on it". (In fact, also probably a better idea of substituting a better quality Cocoa Butter lotion, instead of the Palmer's ... as I'm sure that will garner better chocolaty results). ... And again very important to stress the "light hand" when spraying the Insence Extreme.
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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    Marshmallow Peeps!!!

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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    wore SL's Cedre

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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    I'm wearing Castile today. I chose it for Easter. More a celebration of Spring thing.

    Next Weekend is Greek Orthodox Easter. I'll probably go with Lp9- Just a touch of Oriental spiciness.
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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    Chanel pour Monsieur Concentree is what I wore today and felt appropriate

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    Default Re: Your favorite Easter frag

    I wore Himalaya today. I'm Eastern Orthodox, so we celebrated our Palm Sunday today (a very rainy Palm Sunday in Houston, I might add).

    Next week I will probably wear my Mouchoir de Monsieur or a light eaux de cologne so that I can smell the jasmine incense I gave to my priest to use behind the altar better (I serve as an acolyte/reader at my church).

    Jess and I will try to take lots and lots of pictures (especially of our Pascha basket and goodies) for everyone.
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