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    Cool Alternative to Lancome's Tresor

    [This is also posted under the "Just Starting Out" forum, but I thought this might be a good question to pose here.]

    Hi, all. I have a quick question. I'm a frequent user of Lancome's Tresor, which I find smells very light on my skin. I'm looking for an alternative scent that won't offend in a small and professional work space. I like floral-earthy scents, with little to no powder scent. Are there any other fans of Tresor that have some suggestions for me? Almost everything else I've tried with similar ingredients are either very strong or very powdery. I also sometimes work in hot conditions, and perfumes can easily become cloying.

    I'm thinking about trying these following scents. Is there anyone that has used one of these before under similar circumstances with good results? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

    1.Signiture pour Femme by ST Dupont
    2.Journal Intime by Galimard
    3.Weekend for Women by Burberry
    4.Soir de Lune by Sisley
    5.Marielle Burani by Mariella Burani
    6.Laura by Laura Biagiotti
    7.Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier
    8.Jean Paul Gaultier Classic by Jean Paul Gaultier
    9.Attraction by Lancome
    10. Astor Place by Bond No. 9

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    Default Re: Alternative to Lancome's Tresor

    Peachy Rose? Nahema by Guerlain. I like it more than Tresor. Also try Givenchy L'Interdit

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    Default Re: Alternative to Lancome's Tresor

    I totally second JPG Classique and Nahema.Nice alternatives to Tresor.
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    Default Re: Alternative to Lancome's Tresor

    Chanel Coco in the EDT form, or possibly Coco Mademoiselle which has a more "watery" feel to it.

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    Default Re: Alternative to Lancome's Tresor

    I am a Tresor fan, as well as a fan of Sophia Grosjman, the nose behind the juice. I would definitely recommend seeking out her creations, and there are plenty! Off the top of my head, I would immediately recommend YSL's Paris and Bvlgari's Pour Femme. Seriously, you will find many wearable beauties that bear her "signature" - please post back and let us know what you find...happy sniffing!

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    Thanks, guys, I'll go out and hunt those down today.

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    Default Re: Alternative to Lancome's Tresor

    I recommend you try Lancome Poeme. Poeme is dominated by cassis but I find the character, feel, sillage is very similar to Tresor. May be it is a chemistry thing but I actually prefer Poeme when craving that type of scent.

    Others worth trying:

    Lentheric Baroque
    Coty L'Aimant PdT
    Crabtree & Evelyn Nadira
    Cerruti 1881 pour Elle Eau D'Ete 2004
    Penhaligons Elizabethan Rose
    Crown Perfumery Marechale
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    Default Re: Alternative to Lancome's Tresor

    I think you might really like Tocade. And the price is really good!

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    Default Re: Alternative to Lancome's Tresor

    I wear Soir de Lune all the time to work! It's got good personality and smells great. It's a very distinctive woody rose scent. Gres Cabaret is a very respectable, and far more affordable, alternative.

    I find that the modern incarnation of Soir de Paris has a lot of Tresor about it
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    Default Re: Alternative to Lancome's Tresor

    Okay, I'm armed with your advice and about to embark on a sniffing spree in about fifteen minutes! Wish me luck! Thanks again.

    ****** Five Minutes Later *******
    Oh, no! It's Easter! I forgot completely. Store's closed. Bummer!
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