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    Default I love Miel de Bois - what happened?

    This has been a particularly stressful and gut-wrenching week. Calming scents weren't doing their magic and wits-sharpening ones were equally useless. Last night I dragged out a couple of vials of Miel de Bois, a scent that I had previously attributed to feline diabetes. I thought, what the heck, nothing else has worked, and applied liberally.

    I love it.

    Can body chemistry change that much during significant stress, that a perfume can unfold completely differently? Or is it the state of mind during these stressful episodes, that makes us more receptive to previously rejected ones?
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    Default Re: I love Miel de Bois - what happened?

    I may be wrong, but I think it is state of mind. And it isn't just stress; it could be all the changes of moods, feelings, health and awareness that affect us. At least it seems that way to me.

    Of course, if you said you last tried it a year or two ago, I would say it could be maturing/changing tastes.
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    Default Re: I love Miel de Bois - what happened?

    An idea I seem to favour is that some times we are not ready for a perfume. Strange association of notes to which we are not accustomed might form a barrier between us and a scent. actually it could all the fragrances you have tried during this past year that opened up your appreciation towards MdB. Anyway it is a nice idea I think that our random choice of scents to sample help us develop our tastes towards directions we did not see or plan.

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    Default Re: I love Miel de Bois - what happened?

    The "state of mind" has a lot to do with our response to scents and, indeed, other other stimuli. Our minds are dynamic in nature and therefore cannot be accurate gauges for future reference. There have been many recants and revisions of opinions about scents on BaseNotes and other frag forums.

    IMO, it is instructive not to rush to write reviews of scents until after testing scents several times, in different climate conditions and over an appreciable period of time which would have spanned most of reviewers' moods, etc.
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