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    Default Manufacturing Dates of Fragrances

    I noticed that frags sold in fragrance shops tend to be cheaper. In my country, on the frag boxes there is a small sticker that states the sku no, importer/distributer (e.g Coty Prestige) and manufacturing date. So in these fragrance shops though the frags are much cheaper the manufacturing dates are usually older than the ones in the more expensive department stores. Most of the stock in department stores have manufactured dates average between June 2008 to December 2008. The one in the fragrance shops manufacturing dates average between 2006 to 2007...sometimes even as old as 2005.

    So my question it advisable to purchase frags with older manufacturing dates (2006-2007) for a cheaper price ?
    As far as i noticed the condition of the stock in non department store shops are ok...all still sealed in plastic and authentic. I have bought a few older ones and so far the juice is the same. But i am somewhat worried that it won't last as long as the newer ones.

    2nd question...The stickers indicate the manufacturing date but how much can we trust them stickers? the importer/distributer could just remove the old stock stickers and replace with a sticker showing a newer manufacturing date.

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    Default Re: Manufacturing Dates of Fragrances

    I believe how long the fragrance lasts can be attributed to how it is stored/kept. I have several older bottles that still smell fantastic/lasts.
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