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Thread: SotY: Guerlain

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    Default SotY: Guerlain

    SotY: Guerlain

    Total Wears: 4285 (7.7%)
    Number of Scents: 101
    Wears per week: 82.17
    Wears per day: 11.74
    Top 10 Guerlain Scents
    1.) Vetiver 671 wears (overall #1)
    2.) Habit Rouge 383 wears (#6)
    3.) Jicky 320 wears (#8)
    4.) Heritage 244 wears (#11)
    5.) Shalimar 213 wears (#18)
    6.) L'Instant pour Homme 202 wears (#22)
    7.) L'Heure Bleue 188 wears (#27)
    8.) Mitsouko 186 wears (#29)
    9.) Spiriteuse Double Vanille 142 wears (#43)
    10.) Derby 99 wears (#86)

    We start the House analysis portion of SotY with the unquestioned leader of the pack, Guerlain. By any measure you want to use Guerlain leads the way. But I am left to wonder if I had only kept counting on the men's board would that have been true? I started counting the women starting in week 10. In the first nine weeks Creed was the top House and Guerlain had an average of 41.67 wears/week. The average over the last 43 weeks with the women involved, 90.65 wears/week!! Three of the top 10 scents for the House; Jicky, Shalimar, and Mitsouko were predominantly worn by the women. L'Heure Bleue and Spiriteuse Double Vanille had more significant levels of male wears but were still over 65% female wears. One other amazing tidbit about Guerlain if you took just the top 10 scents they accounted for 2,648 wears which would still make Guerlain the number one House. Think about that, just 10 scents from this House and Guerlain would still be the number one House. The top nine scents are responsible for 20% of the overall top 45.
    Guerlain does not suffer the slings and arrows on the boards that other Houses do. Guerlain is almost uniformly admired and I am probably safe to say that every wardrobe has at least one Guerlain in it.
    Guerlain just kept getting stronger as the year went on and over the last 23 weeks of the year was never less than 89 wears and only posted four of those weeks below 100. This was also regularly while posting over 30 different scents on a given week.
    There is an obvious question, is Guerlain a fall/winter House? I think the cautious answer is yes. There are plenty of offerings from the House that are good in warmer weather but the majority of the Guerlains seem to really do well in cooler weather. There are a couple of other Houses which also probably fall in this category, too.
    Guerlain did not make a big splash on the new scent front as Guerlain Homme had 87 wears which was #113 overall and it was one of the top 10 new scents but other Houses had better debut scents over the last year.
    That's the story for Guerlain.
    Back tomorrow with the Creed story.

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    Default Re: SotY: Guerlain

    Hurray for Vetiver! Even when there are few mentions of it on the boards and even those are mixed with lamentations for it's shattered beauty, Basenoters are paying Vetiver the highest compliment: we wear it.

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    Default Re: SotY: Guerlain

    I still like Jicky the most of the Guerlains Ive tried.
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

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    Default Re: SotY: Guerlain

    Well whaddayaknow, I'd have never guessed L'Heure Bleue would get more wears than Mitsouko!
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    Default Re: SotY: Guerlain

    Whereas Chanel has plenty of quality modern offerings, Guerlain is lacking on this part. Too commercial, just look at Insolence or Homme. Yikes.

    I hope The Big Designer Two can stay more artistic instead of commercial for a while.
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    Default Re: SotY: Guerlain

    I agree that this house excels in cold weather. Their rich but non-cloying scents (allowing some debatability for Homme ) are perfect most of the year, but I'm not sure about summer yet. Perhaps Vetiver? We'll see. No matter what, with a deep roster of classics, I think they're in for the long haul!
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