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    Default Jacomo de Jacomo - a line worth looking into... imho.

    We rarely talk about this line and i doubt if many here have/tested more than one scent from this line. Basenotes reveal Chicane as Jacomo's first release (1971) and Scents like Ambro and Anthracite have seen some followers/admirers. both those scents have garnered only positive reviews, that too from avid reviews of BN (russlan et al).

    Now, coming back to scents that are still available, Jacomo de Jacomo (1980), i'm sure a lot would have changed since the time it was released, but i have read that it's pardonable. saying that, this scent is no sleeper, hardcore, peppery/clove assualt with oomphs of spices under it's belt and incense in it's breath. After the intial assault of colves, which is done in a very classic 80's way, this scent settles in a very smooth, almost powdery accord of woods, spices, musk and amber. real gem. call me whack, but i find this as the inspiration behind Parfumerie Generales Querelle(caraway; clove replaced by sharp vetiver, (by no means they smell alike, at the same time, very hard to not make this comparison) ). which takes us to a scent which i respect the "most from this line, Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge...had this been packaged in a Tom Ford Bottle? it'd be sellin like hot cakes. totally underrrated, a very complex mix of spices, woody notes, Florals, over a smooth base of Tonka, Vanilla and has this gourmand touch to it but the spices keep it away from crossing the line. evocative, dense, waxy s how i would liek to describe it's texture. it's no suprise that people compare it with Le Male, and they are not wrong, there are some similarities, but it's not a's more like le male+A*men..but, then again, this scent has a unique blend of it's own and quite enjoyable at that.

    There are many more releases from this line (i remember liking Aura quite a bit when i last sampled it in a mall)...and one of these days i would liek to sample them all. whats better you ask? it doesnt cost a bomb.
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    Default Re: Jacomo de Jacomo - a line worth looking into... imho.

    I whole-heartedly concur with jenson.

    Jacomo de Jacomo, in its then matte blue-black bottle was a go-to frag here in the '80s. Packed a clove-laden whallop back in the day when we tried to out-fumigate eachother.

    Anthracite, sadly discontinued, was my fave Jacomo. A floral ahead of its time, which is why i guess it was discontinued.

    Ambro (also discontinued) was an unapologetic minty/spicy amber.

    All the above had monster sillage and lasted quite well.

    I am too scared to try out the newer Jacomos for fear of Dunhill-type disappointment.
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    Default Re: Jacomo de Jacomo - a line worth looking into... imho.

    Jacomo has always been under-represented and under-appreciated, IMO.

    Chicane was glorious. Its male contemporary, Eau Cendrée, was even more so - dry, subtly smoky, elegant beyond description. It's one of the scents that I suspect contained oud, although not identified in the notes.

    I've enjoyed Jacomo For Her recently. It's a cedary musk scent that could work on either sex.

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    Default Re: Jacomo de Jacomo - a line worth looking into... imho.

    Jacomo De Jacomo Is FANTASTIC! The spices are powerful but the incense smoothes them out. If you're a clove person, it is heaven. It is not quite a complex feeling as Lp9, and certainly not the same overall scent, but it is close in terms of the "experience" I get. Lp9 brings me to my knees. JDJ makes them wobble a bit.

    Also a fan of JDJ Rouge.
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    Cool Re: Jacomo de Jacomo - a line worth looking into... imho.

    JdJ was my favorite sinus rocket for years. The clove may turn off some folks, esp. if they've just been to the dentist's office, but if you survive the top--No, make that the entire scent for aprox 15 min, you're in for a ride.

    Woods and spices, indeed.! I think it best for traversing the forests of Transylvania after a rain. But would Van Helsing or Dracula wear it? Maybe both. It would also work for a 19th century big game hunter (provided the tigers had lost their sense of smell) after a successful outing.

    May I recomend Naed Nitram's excellent review?


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