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    Default SotY: Creed

    SotY: Creed

    Total Wears: 2373 (4.3%)
    Wears per week: 45.5
    Wears per day: 6.5
    No. of scents: 52
    Creed Top 10
    1.) Bois du Portugal 391 wears (#5 overall)
    2.) Green Irish Tweed 292 wears (#9)
    3.) Silver Mountain Water 166 wears (#31)
    4.) Original Vetiver 162 wears (#34)
    5.) Millesime Imperiale 141 wears (#44)
    6.) Virgin Island Water 138 wears (#48)
    7.) Himalaya 130 wears (#55)
    8.) Vintage Tabarome 100 wears (#85)
    9.) Original Santal 74 wears (#142)
    10.) Tabarome Millesime 69 wears (#161)

    Creed was the overall second most worn House over the last year. My guess is if I had just kept tracking the men's board it would've given Guerlain a run for its money for the top spot instead of finishing almost 2,000 wears behind. Over the first nine weeks, when it was just the guys, Creed was the number one House averaging 53 wears per week. Once the women were added in it sunk down to 43.9 wears per week, which isn't necessarily different, it was eclipsed by both Serge Lutens and Chanel over that period as the women boosted the weekly averages of both of those Houses. That shows you that unlike any other House we will talk about Creed is a man's House. There is no scent in the Creed top 10 that had more than 10 % of its wears come from the women. Overall only 8.3% of the wears of the House came from the women by far the lowest of the top 10 Houses.
    This is a good reflection of the two gender communities on Basenotes. On the men's boards there are frequent and vigorous debates on Creed scents. On the ladies' side hardly a peep and very rarely are they brought up in discussion of a style in general. Unlike on the men's board, where it a rare for a request for a type of scent thread to go by without at least one Creed being recommended.
    The top two Creeds Bois du Portugal and Green Irish Tweed are the flag pole scents for the House and are easily the most liked Creeds in the community and that is borne out by their position in the House and overall. You'll notice it’s a big drop from Green Irish Tweed down to Silver Mountain water but then Creed takes five of the 25 slots from #'s 30-55 which shows it has a good deal of support across those five scents in that position on the overall stats.
    Creed is many Basenoter’s first niche scent and it is sort of the gateway scent to niche perfumery. It also seems to be in many of the men's regular rotations.
    You can see from the graph that the House didn't have too many big highs or extreme lows and pretty much chugged along right in the middle. It almost always consistently put around a mid 40-50 number of wears per week and that was pretty consistent. It is clear that there are Creeds that can be worn in all kinds of weather and so while certain scents fluctuated dramatically with the changing season the House as a whole did not.
    See you tomorrow with the #3 House Serge Lutens.
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    Default Re: SotY: Creed

    My very first Creed was Vanisia. Then I discovered Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie. Then I started feeling like a kid in a candy store, lol.
    There are quite a few Creeds that do not work for me, like Tubereuse Indiana and Fleurs de Bulgarie, for example. But I love Jasmal, Fleurissimo, Fantasia de Fleurs and Virgin Island Water, these days.
    I'm considering Aubepine Acacia as my next Creed purchase.

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