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    Default Suggestions?

    First off, I have a massive collection and may already have some of the possible suggestions, but here's what I'm going to look at today. (Neimans, Nordstrom, Sephora, and possibly...Macy's).

    Anyways, Here's what I'm looking at.

    Jo Malone- Pomegranate Noir (have sampled on skin already, and unsure. Nice though, a tad menthol'ish. Like a vapor rub with pomegranate mixed in..)

    Jo Malone- Black Vetyver Cafe' (tried this a long time ago from a buddy, thought it was nice, but don't remember it to well)

    Jo Malone- Vetyver (haven't tried, any opinions? Is this strong?)

    Jo Malone- 154 (haven't tried, sounds interesting though)

    Burberry Beat for men, (please offer opinion on this one from a sampled on skin standpoint).

    Prada Amber pour Homme (I like soapy scents {example: Versace the dreamer}, but haven't tried out the Prada yet).

    Chanel Platinum Egoiste OR Egoiste orig (Have tried CPE and liked it, but smelt Egoiste orig on a strip only. It's rarely available at the Scottsdale Nordstrom here..)

    Creed Erolfa (Loved it on the strip, but haven't tried on skin). I would be buying this one from fragrancenet due to price.

    Suggestions? Let's hear em. Thanks for reading!
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