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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    Hey Chris,
    Nice post.I hope my children are as thoughtful when I reach retirement age.
    I say spring for a bottle of the good stuff. Why not find a bottle of Patou Pour Homme for him?
    If not, maybe Heritage. He sounds like that kind of guy.
    Or Erolfa. It fits his traveler spirit.

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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    Rochas Lui. My bet is he'll love it.
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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mostapha View Post
    You probably have thought of all the Diptyques already, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. They're cool enough, and seem to fit the bill for an eccentric fellow like your dad. Maybe Tam Dao. And no worries from over application, either.
    I think Tam Dao is a good suggestion! However, my husband overapplies it all the time. He smells like a walking cedar chest until it simmers down!

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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    For a physically and mentally active person like your Dad who overapplies fragrances I would recommend Habit Rouge EdC or a nice bright citrus like Monsieur Balmain.
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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    I'm sure your dad appreciates dignity, but his essence seems to be adventure and pushing the envelope a bit. So should his new scent. Pick something a little edgy and a little more youthful than what might be considered a scent for his age group. And remember, he's always at play now, even when wearing a tie.

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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    Sounds like a 'cool' dad to me...

    The first scent that came to my mind was 'Tam Dao', as already mentioned by others.
    The other could be Givenchy vetyver if not Guerlain vetiver.

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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    YSL L'Homme is youthful and yet classy, and also has a "volume control" on it much like AdP Colonia.
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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    Maybe I should start drinking tea! Now that's a good idea.

    I've really got to thank all of you for the superior suggestions and apologize for not replying earlier. Now that it's Saturday morning I can think clearly and catch up on a few PM messages too.

    I'm really glad I asked the question of this thread; there are so many good suggestions that I didn't think of here, and I wouldn't have thought of them without this help. Azzarro PH--fantastic idea, for example, Habit Rouge edc, another great one. AdP, Monsieur de Givenchy, No.88, Guerlain Vetiver, Signoricci...all would be perfect. And man alive, who wouldn't want to have a dad walking around and out cooling everyone everywhere in No.88? Just imagine that; everyone would wonder who-is-that-amazing-guy-and-what's-his-story?-He's-simply-got-to-be-SOMEONE. And they'd wonder that instead of something else when Dad is raiding the free donuts. I'll have to put 88 on the eventual list. Besides, if he wore it all the grad-school babes he'd come across (in my mind at least) would think that it was HE who taught ME. I don't know if my ego can handle that about good scents.

    I think I'll start him out with Aqua di Parma. Its all purpose nature, wonderful scent quality, and--yes, the over application risk minimizing capacity--make it a good starting point and a good gift. Another sly trick I'll have to figure out is how to get him wearing it every day. The guy will sleep in the car when he drives out to see me, I mean, and I imagine he'd think "what's the point?" to a great fragrance the same way he doesn't know the point of hotels. I guess the risk that he won't wear it is just a risk I'll have to take--how many of us can really get our nutty parents to do what they should do anyway?

    (Indie_Guy, our dads are no doubt alike, and I'm sure you think about yours whenever Royal Copenhagen comes up, just like I do. I think I'll have to go out and get a bottle even. Everytime Scentimus mentions it I think I'll be obligated to swing by Perfumania soon and take some home. The stuff of our dads is sort of sacred, don'tcha think? I want to have it, but I don't know if I'll be freaked out at wearing it.

    Did your dad ever have that Avon that came in a steam locomotive bottle? The whole cab was the screw cap? Such an awesome bottle that I kept telling him he should use that stuff up so I could play with it. I got so mad at the toys grown ups got to have, and they didn't even play with them. Kept them on their dressers all the time. And what for? Did they worship them? What good is a toy steam locomotive when the man doesn't even play with it?)

    Another thing I like about this thread is that it shows me how much I want to give him multiple scents. We're Basenoters--how could we not think that where one is good, many is MUCH better? After AdP I'm already thinking of what will have to come next because of the great ideas on this thread. I mean really, the man needs a new movie every night, right? Why alternating scents? We all know about that! (Incidently, his latest emails of his movie thoughts are that Munich was a pretty bad movie, and Juno "had a few really good lines" but wasn't his thing either. Before that he really liked "A Long Engagement," because it involved one of his last projects, reading all he could about the battle at The Somme, and "that incredibly beautiful woman," or, Audrey Tautou.

    I can't get the idea of him in No.88, now that I've made a vision of how cool that would be. Talk about a scent that would give its wearer license to be, well, just plain cool as he bikes between lecture halls. He says he almost always asks a question of the scholar during the question period at the end of the presentation, and he prefers the lectures at the school of arcitecture and design because they always have donuts. No.88 would indeed be spectacular.

    Thanks very much all of you!
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    Or floris 89?
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    Default Re: Dad retires--what's going to be his scent?

    what about Antaeus ?
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