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    Question Hypnotic Secrétions?

    In general, I'm a sucker for sweet gourmand and was delighted by the first notes of Hypnotic Poison. Unfortunately, upon drydown, I find it smells of something that I associate with Secrétions Magnifiques.

    (Like the majority, I revile SM. To me it smells of rotting flowers under a fishing pier. )

    As I'm not terribly skilled at discerning scents by any measure finer than their general category, I am at a loss to pinpoint exactly what it is that I am reacting to. It's not the floral notes; those are great. The sweet vanilla notes are fine, too (although sort-lived).

    There is something elusive underneath that puts me off. Something spoiled or slightly metallic. Something that says "danger!" to my primitive brain.

    Maybe those of you familiar with both scents can spot what they have in common? I'd appreciate any guesses.


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    Default Re: Hypnotic Secrétions?

    Welcome deux etoiles!

    I have tried both, but Secretions Magnifiques was not on me long enough to analyze any particular notes

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    Default Re: Hypnotic Secrétions?

    I really like Hypnotic Poison too, but when I wore it on a hot summer day I got a strange "garbage" note in the drydown. Maybe its the same one you noticed? I haven't tried Secretions Magnifiques so I don't if it's the same note you mentioned, but I defenitely had the sensation of something rotten or decomposing in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaSa View Post
    I really like Hypnotic Poison too, but when I wore it on a hot summer day I got a strange "garbage" note in the drydown.
    Ah, yes. We are probably picking up on the same thing.

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