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Thread: SotY: Chanel

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    Default SotY: Chanel

    SotY: Chanel

    Total Wears: 2216 (4.0%)
    Wears per week: 42.46
    Wears per day: 6.1
    No. of scents: 34
    Top 10 Chanels
    1.) Egoiste 245 wears (#10 overall)
    2.) Antaeus 172 wears (#30)
    3.) Pour Monsieur 152 wears (#39)
    4.) Coco 131 wears (#54)
    5.) No. 19 129 wears (#56)
    6.) Bois des Iles 128 wears (#58)
    7.) Coromandel 117 wears (#64)
    8.) Platinum Egoiste 111 wears (#73)
    9.) Allure Homme 90 wears (#103)
    9.) Sycomore 90 wears (#103)

    Chanel ended up as the fourth most worn House over the last year. It also had the second largest jump in average due to the addition of the women to the stats. Over the first nine weeks, without the women it averaged 22.11 wears/week over the last 43 weeks, including the women, it averaged 46.72 wears/week. Doubling the average, only Guerlain saw as big an effect from the addition of the women. Chanel also showed significant strength over the last half of the year only dipping below 40 wears on three weeks. The scents that made the top 10 for the House are interesting. The third scent Pour Monsieur is a discontinued scent and takes some effort to find on eBay. It had more than twice the wears of the much more easily available Pour Monsieur Concentree which had 72 wears. If you went up to an average person and said fill in the blank “Chanel blank” most would say Number 5. Number 5 is the number two most sold perfume in the world. Another example of how different this community is, is that Number 5 had only 83 wears and the Number that had the most wears was Number 19. Chanel launched a line called Les Exclusifs in 2006 and three of those scents make the House top 10 in Bois des Iles, Coromandel, and Sycomore. Bois des Iles is an almost perfect unisex scent as it splits 56/44 male to female. The spike in week 11 is due to a synchronized wear day around Chanel.
    Chanel is an interesting House on the boards as there are many scents which are highly appreciated, Coco by the women and Antaeus by the men. Allure Homme on the other hand gets its share of criticism but it still gets worn quite a bit. Chanel more than any of the other big 5 Houses seems to get judged on a case-by-case basis and there doesn’t seem to be a general like or dislike of the House as a whole with opinions more coalesced around individual scents.
    That is the Chanel tale.
    Tomorrow we finish the big 5 as we take a look at Hermes.

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    Default Re: SotY: Chanel

    I wonder if Sycomore was worn mostly by men...
    Chanel is not a controversial house, and the numbers are good, considering that Chanel does not have as many perfumes as the other houses you have discussed.

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    Default Re: SotY: Chanel

    Maybe it is more controversial with the men's offerings. For women, there are so many, we can just forget about the Allure vs Allure Sensuelle argument if we want

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