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    Default The Airport Baggie Game

    We were at the airport on the weekend and all those plastic baggies at the security point started me thinking. If you were going on a trip for a couple of weeks, what would you put in your baggie? It struck me as a good conundrum because you're limited by space as well as having to decide which perfumes you would want to take.

    Here's are 2 links (US and UK) to the actual rules of what you can take, with details on the dimensions of the baggie:

    So here's the game:
    you are going on a trip for 2 or 3 weeks, it doesn't matter what the trip is for - you can decide.
    For the sake of this game, you can only take perfumes in your baggie, you can't put any in your checked-in baggage.
    You can take decants, samples, full bottles of 100mls or less, solid perfumes, whatever you like.
    You aren't limited to your 'real life' wardrobe if you don't want to be.
    You have to leave room in the baggie for any other liquid-containing items you will need on the journey (e.g. lip balm, eye cream, deodorant, hand cleanser, wet wipes etc.) but your regular toiletries can go in your hold baggage.
    You only need to think about yourself - no need to worry about packing things for your kids or hubby.

    My baggie contains:
    my face basics, which I won't bore you with.
    two travel sized 15ml atomisers that I have lying around:
    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan
    Hermes Hermessence Ambre Narguile
    and two Frederick Malle 10ml travel atomisers:
    Iris Poudre
    L'Eau d'Hiver

    And what better time to pull out those solid perfumes?
    Crazy Libellule and the Poppies Presque Nue (white musk)
    Yves Rocher Neonatura Souffle (beachy)
    Lush Flying Fox temple balm (massive jasmine)

    So those cover a lot of bases. Now to fill the gaps with decants of:
    Givenchy Organza Indecence (da vanilla bomb)
    Idole de Lubin (for a spice fest)
    Ava Luxe No 23 (my current fave and just a little vial because I have the extrait)
    Creed Virgin Island Water (because it is instant relaxation and I love it)
    L'Artisan Dzing! (sometimes you want to smell like the tack room in a stable)
    Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee (figs and sunbaked stones)
    Guerlain Jicky edt (The Holy Grail)
    Ava Luxe Madeline (my comfort scent)
    Comme des Garcons Avignon (for incense)
    Molinard Habanita (because Tao turned me on to it and it's the mutt's nuts and sometimes you need to smell like a 1920s Cuban bordello)

    That makes 17 fragrances. And a baggie that's on the verge of popping, even after I've taken out a bunch of face stuff! But I might just be able to slip Possets The Gingerbread Whorehouse in there for a gourmand.

    I know - I'm greedy greedy greedy.

    What would - or DO, for our frequent flyers - YOU put in your baggie?
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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    In the baggy I just place 1 or 2 perfume decants,
    moisturizers ( in a plane you dry out like there is no tomorrow)
    alcoholic whipes( when you are faced with dirty bathroom)
    refreshing towelettes.
    mini deodorant
    any medication you need to take regularly
    sleeping pills if I want to sleep during a long flight

    In the plane itself it´s not very nice if you go around spraying plenty of perfume, I just keep it in my check in luggage. And I don´t want to carry around a lot of handluggage, for long flights you also need to carry a book, a ds maybe, laptop always, maybe a pillow, extra clothes can be useful too.
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    My baggie gets partially filled by a small bottle of contact lens solution (plus lens case) and a liquid nasal spray I need for my allergies. I always put a small tube of toothpaste, toothbrush and facial cleansing wipes in too. That usually leaves room for a mini hand lotion and 2 kinds of eye drops (for with and without contact lenses). All of these are quite necessary, and they end up taking most of the bag. I can only fit samples and small decants after that, maybe 5-7 depending on size. Here are the kinds of things I usually like to take:

    Miller Harris Tangerine Vert
    Divine L'Homme Sage
    Shiseido Energizing Fragrance
    Chanel Eau de Cologne
    Guerlain Shalimar
    MPG Ambre Precieux

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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    Too hard to decide. I just check my luggage and bring a ton of scents.
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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    Yah, mainly necessities for me too.
    Between eye drops, contact lense fluid, asthma inhalers, lip balm, travel sized desinfectant, moisturizer, miniature deodorant and tooth paste... I'm lucky if I can fit 3-5 decants/samples in there.
    Likely picks:
    Diptyque Tam Dao
    JM Dark Amber & Ginger Lily
    CdG Ouarzazate (I like to limit my use of that one to travel only - makes for a nice olfactory memory)
    L'Artisan Jour de Fête (supreme comfort scent)
    Ava Luxe Moroccan Mint Tea
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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    I used to try to pack three little decants or samples but my last two trips --NOTHING.

    No I should add that i was going to San Francisco the first time, and Paris the second, so I knew I wouldn't be deprived.

    Now I think my next trip is not going to be to a shopping paradise.....Hmmmmmm.......
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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    I normally only bring one fragrance with me on holiday, so there would be room in my ziploc bag for my face essentials, hand cream, and hand disinfectant cleanser. I worry about my suitcase not arriving and I can't use just anything on my face.

    For a cold skiing holiday I would consider bringing something warm and potent like Carnal Flower. For a humid beach holiday I would bring something more refreshing, like Madison Soiree.

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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    I am CONSTANTLY travelling. Not often flying, but I have given up carrying a make-up bag in my handbag and I just keep everything in a transparent "baggie".

    So let me check what's in there...

    *digs it out of the handbag*

    Miller Harris Citron Citron
    Miller Harris Terre de Bois
    SL Daim Blond
    AG Le Chevrefeuille
    Summer by Kenzo

    Neil's Yard Travel Remedies roll-on
    Aveda Peppymint liquid mint breath freshener (I love this!)
    Pot of lipgloss I made in the lab
    Lip liner with a brush
    Pressed powder
    Retractable blusher brush pre-loaded with powder blusher
    Wet wipes
    EPI-pen (emergency adrenaline injector)
    Pill-organiser with various meds (antihistamines, pain killers, blahblah)

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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    I guess I am notoriously vain because I would have sample sizes ( begged off SAs beforehand ) of

    eye cream
    face cream
    face wash
    lip balm

    15 ml extrait Love's True Blusih Light- bed time scent
    Full bottle Chergui
    Roll on EDT Hypnotic Poison I got in a set
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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    I would probably bring my untried samples so that I could fun sampling them while on the trip.

    And a couple of Jalaine sample vials, because I like using their oils for bed time.

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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    I traveled on a plane 2 weeks ago with carry on luggage, and after the eye solutions and face creams my baggie would only hold 3 bottles of perfume. I took Kelly Caleche, Douce Amere and Un Jardin sur le Nil. I was only gone for three days. When I got home, I made mecca to my collection to say hello to all of my precious bottles. Pathetic, I know. I was thinking about all of the fragrances I was missing the whole trip. Even more pathetic.

    Had it been for 3 weeks, it would have definately been a checked bag with 8-10 fragrances.
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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    I actually went on a trip last month. And I brought the following:

    1. L'Oreal medium warm concealer (because it doubles as a foundation for me, I don't use much)
    2. Guerlain Rose Ententant lipstick (I don't know if this is considered a liquid, but I put it in my Ziploc, just in case)
    3. Lens cleaner
    4. Cherry chapstick (same reason as the lipstick)
    5. Toothpaste!

    Little glass vials of the following:
    6. La Via del Profumo's Bergamot Essential Oil
    7. La Via del Profumo's Civet Tincture
    8. La Via del Profumo's African Queen Black Panther
    9. La Via del Profumo's African Queen Pink Panther
    10. La Via del Profumo's Castoreum
    11. La Via del Profumo's Persona

    Little 5 ml spray bottles of the following:
    12. La Via del Profumo's Holy Water
    13. La Via del Profumo's Rose des Bois
    14. La Via del Profumo's Bazaar
    15. La Via del Profumo's African Night
    16. Dior's Hypnotic Poison
    17. Bulgari Omnia

    2.5 ml spray bottle of the following:
    18. Montana Parfum d'Homme

    On the way home, I was considerably lighter of small vials/bottles, but I gained a full-bottle of Paco Rabanne Calandre, which I had to check-in baggage, because it was over 3 fluid ounces.
    I also checked in the mini of Romeo Gigli EdT that I bought.
    Last edited by Aiona; 18th April 2009 at 12:36 AM. Reason: forgot the toothpaste! And the Romeo Gigli!
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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    My soft-side cosmetic case is permanently packed with everything I need for face and bod and teeth and eyes and ears. There's minis of four or five favored frags (I don't remember which ones) and it goes inside my checked luggage.

    Spare contacts and their fluid travel in my handbag with me and have so far passed through NYC (toughest) and Atlanta (laxest) airports (and others as well) without fuss.

    Not much help for your fun poll!!
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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    I usually travel with samples only.
    Last time I went to Europe (about 9 years ago) there were no restrictions, but since I was going to Paris, I only brought a couple of samples.

    I have traveled within the US since, and contact lens solutions are more important.
    Makeup and face creams are more important too.

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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    See, this tells me I have
    a) too much time on my hands to be thinking about this
    b) a HUGE perfume obsession to have decants instead of toothpaste in my baggie (also a lack of consideration for my fellow passengers who are on the receiving end of post-flight dogbreath )
    c) a real inability to choose and edit!

    In real life?
    Heck, I'd probably sling a bottle of my calming travel fragrance, Clarins Eau Resourcante in the baggy with the face stuff (little Deo spray, GWP one-step wipe-off cleanser that takes care of everything, moisturiser, eye cream, lipstick, eyshadow stick, mascara, tiny bottle of hand disinfectant, tiny toothpaste and folding toothbrush) and maybe the Ambre Sultan, Jicky, No 23 and Virgin Island Water because I like to sniff the bottles and that won't offend anyone in mid-air. And I'd have a couple of current favourite mainstream bottles in my checked in baggage. They have to be easily replaceable and well-sealed.
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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    I put it all in my checked luggage and take very little onto the plane. I don't like to fuss over what I take on trips and just toss things in the bag just before departure.

    My backpack/travel bag might have a zip lock with:
    hand sanitizer
    pills: advil, xanax, melatonin, vitamins
    tooth brush and mini toothpaste
    some 1 ml. bottles of samples of fresh fragrances for use while flying

    When traveling I like to test all those samples that I never get a chance to try. I throw dozens of samples into the travel bag and add a 1, 2 or 3 fragrances (length of trip) that I want to wear that I know I like. Full bottles of fragrance I take are: 1-fresh / vetiver, 1-incense , 1-floral or leather.

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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    Eau de cologne for on board usage - something Mother always told me to take when traveling long distances. For example, the last time I went to Spain (12 hour long trip) someone took a cat: obviously, the poor animal could not interrupt metabolic activities, so go figure how tha cabin smell like. A handkerchief and a 30 ml bottle of Heno de Pravia worked just fine.

    Luggage: besides the usual things, in terms of scents, 10 ml spray bottles of:

    VC&A pour Homme
    Lanvin pour Homme
    Agua de Lavanda Puig
    Flaño (a very classical very inexpensive Chilean EdC with an amazing drydown)

    Plus three 100 ml bottles of the scents I consider worth taking. Last time were: Vetiver L'Occitane, Safari and Aramis.

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    Default Re: The Airport Baggie Game

    On trips I only take a roll on vial of Egyptian musk and that's it. I can't be bothered with complicated packing, I travel light and only with carry on.
    For the rest I either get travel sizes of my favorite skin & hair care things or I buy on location, to simplify even more.

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