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    My girlfriend is notoriously particular about what she likes in fragrance. This is a huge step forward, as when we first met, she was pretty vehemently against fragrances as a rule. This being because she has a pretty sensitive nose, and she apparently hates aquatics AND sweet florals (Basically 'Contemporary Mainstream Scents', thanks to unfortunate coincidence).

    So, after some exploration, I've started to hone in on the type of scents she can appreciate.

    On herself, she was quite impressed with Sous le Vent by Guerlain -- Which is, of course, difficult to find. (I'm guessing the whole green dry chypre category worth investigating for a surrogate?)

    Among my collection, she's thus far quite liked:

    Gucci PH
    Black Aoud

    What's the common theme, here? Woody/Spicy Uber-Masculine? M7 seems to be the odd man out because I detect a lot of sweetness in it that she does not. (That's what makes it tricky -- MY nose is a bit off. Partially anosmic, but certain notes just seem to scream at me and drown out their complimentary notes...)

    I'm thinking of looking at the L'Occitan line in the near future, as well. Aside from Vetyver, what else is solid in the woody/spicy camp? 4 Volours? (I've tried Eau de Baux, and found it off-puttingly sweet on the top. Eau de Baidan was just the opposite to me: Beauty on the top, too sweet in the dry-down.)

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    I'll bet she'd really like One Man Show ! For her, Bandit might work (and you could wear it too). Another possibility (for you, presumably) is the original Francesco Smalto, which is now selling so low it's ridiculous.
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    It strikes me odd that she likes such traditionally 'Powerhose' fragrances (Antaeus, Quorum, etc) when she's sensitive to frags in general. But, hey, sense of smell is a pretty bizarre inexplicable character.

    (As another weird example -- She can't smell Maestrale, while it's one of those that jumps out at me and keeps right on jumping for hours on end.)

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    It seems to me she likes the ones with dirty (animalic) basenotes... well at least the M7, Anteus and Black Aoud. Maybe give Kouros a shot?
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    I tried Kouros, and it was a 'Yes, but...'

    Appealing, but thought it would start to grate on her after a while. It doesn't help that we live in San Antonio. Those dirty animalic notes can get out of control in high heat high humidity.

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    she might like perry ellis red 360 or unbound

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    Well, for a "Gucci PH' light that might fare better in the heat you could try Burberry's the Beat.

    Perhaps L'Anarchiste, as it is woody and spicy but still wearable in the heat.

    Azzaro Visit if she likes nutmeg. Another option is Montale's Musk to Musk which is aoud/teak/musk/nutmeg - although to my nose it smells more like concentrated Windex than anything else. Some here love it though, so it might be worth a sniff.
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