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    Hi ,

    I'm sorry, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was wondering if somebody can help me. After trying to track down Bvlgari Black in UK department stores, it is officially nowhere to be seen. Debenhams and Selfridges have both told me that it is now exclusive to Harrods. Harrods have told me it is discontinued in the UK. Whether it's true or not, I gave up being given the runaround by the SAs and found a bottle online from fragrancedirect for just £19.99 (I missed the part about it not being boxed or having the manufacturer's cap, but oh well).

    It's arrived today, but having bought it unsniffed and from a source that I'm not sure about in terms of reliability, I was wondering if an experienced (UK) perfumista would be willing to check it for me. If so, I'll be happy to send you a sample, as soon as I get my hands on some decanting supplies.

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    PM me your address and I will try and send out a sample from my bottle early next week.

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    Not sure if it's a help, but it is generally found in the Mens fragrance section here in Oz...I haven't heard if its been discontinued, but it is not over the top expensive here, so it may be...

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    Our local TKMaxx had this last week!
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    Yes, I bought a backup bottle in TKMaxx a few months back. I love Black. Sooooo cuddly.

    You might think it smells 'off' because it's quite a strange combo - that leather/vanilla/rubber thang it has going on can be a bit of an 'ooh crikey!' to start with. I think it's our biology: we're just not used to smelling some of these things and when we don't recognise them our instinct is to say 'Don't know, therefore don't like'. It comes from being monkeys in the jungle needing to smell food to see if it was edible.

    But persevere with it and you might well fall in love. If you don't like it, stash it away somewhere safe for a few months and come back to it and you might find you love it. Definitely keep it until next winter because it's lovely in cool weather. I like to wear it to bed.

    I've bought from Fragrance Direct many times and found them trustworthy, so I hope your bottle is OK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kewart View Post
    Our local TKMaxx had this last week!
    That's where I got mine!
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    I've bought a lot of perfumes from fragrancedirect and in my experience they sell the real deal. Sometimes they sell testers which have no cap and original box.

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    Hi everyone, thanks for the advice - I hadn't considered TK Maxx!

    I think what you say is true, Wordbird - the first few times I tested it, I was getting an odd medicinal sort of note that had me questioning it, but I'm not picking it up anymore, and it's grown on me immensely wearing it through today.

    My boyfriend, however, was not impressed . He told me I "smell like Halfords"! Pfft to him.
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    Stick with it - it took me a couple of goes to make up my mind, and now it is "mad love", as Randy Jackson is wont to say on American Idol. And if you are anywhere near Stafford, you are welcome to PM me and come and have a comparative squirt of mine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daifuku View Post
    My boyfriend, however, was not impressed . He told me I "smell like Halfords"! Pfft to him.
    Aww you should get him to try it as well,
    once you both get used to it a little more
    you both might just love it
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    I wore Black when went to see a friend who has a good nose, she said 'Ooh! You smell like you've been baking in bike leathers while wearing rubber gloves. Can I have some?'
    Halfords, yes, OK. But am I the only person who goes in and has a sneaky sniff of the rubber footwell mats they sell? And who can resist sniffing a chamois leather?
    (OK, this post may just have outed me as a total freak. Between this and the 'I smell books' thread my hubby might have enough evidence to get me locked up!)
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    You may also want to consider that there are really two versions of Bvlgari Black. The original (The top on this must be turned to activate) version has more of a rubber smell to it and the reformulated (standard pump) version has more vanilla. Both smell great, but if you want to be cat women, you got to go with the original.
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    VM I hate civet - I'm in Lichfield. Good to know I have a fellow perfume fan not too far away! It seems a rather solitary obsession, hehe.

    Aha, I don't think sniffing the rubber mats sounds weird at all (I would!). If you want weird, driving along with the windows down today we went past some freshly manured field, and whilst my friend was diving for her sweater to press against her face, I decided I should actually take a proper sniff (it was sweeter than I expected ). At this point, I started to wonder about myself.

    Oh, is that true, Wonka? I had no idea , mine is the one with the normal spray top. How sad...

    By the way, boyfriend changed his verdict - now he wants a bottle! (Cunning plan emerging). I got him some Kouros the other week and he loved it. I'll make a perfume fan out of him yet.
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    Lichfield, eh? The posh end of the county.... : - ) Why, I believe there is even a Creed stockist in town! I can recommend our T K Maxx, though the fixture has been looking a bit bare lately. Partly because I bought up all the good stuff!

    I love Black and am so glad you and your boyfriend are settling in with it, and not doubting its weirdness. You can keep the manure, mind!
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    I went to college in Stafford. What a lovely place; I really enjoyed my time there. And it's a beautiful county - much underrated and overlooked.

    I walked past a stable on the weekend and had a whopping sniff and said to my hubby 'I've got a perfume that smells exactly like that!' (L'Artisan's Dzing! - I highly recommend a sniff/ PM me if you would like me to send a vial!).
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    Dzing! Perfect choice for an emerging manure aficianado...: - )

    PG L'Ombre Fauve, whilst not evocative of barnyards as such, is in the Black vein and also well worth a sniff.

    College in Stafford - well I never! If that was anytime in the last 21 years, I might have bumped into you in Boots. Though not the perfume fixture till last year, admittedly.

    We do have underappreciated countryside, it is true, but we cannot muster a waterfall to rival your local attraction!
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