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    Question [Newbie]Looking for perfume match with my character

    Hi there

    I'm a newbie for fragrance world and I'm so confused with tons of fragrance out there
    So I need your suggestion to find the right one for me
    I'm 21 yo, asian guy, fun, easy outgoing, optimistic trendy blah blah lol
    to make it easy! I've links from you tube
    It's not me but I think his character(Nichkhun) is kind of close, also his cuteness (last one I'm joking lol)
    And I think I've no problem with male/female perfume
    Please help

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    Default Re: [Newbie]Looking for perfume match with my character

    Take a damn schoolbus (kiddin) to the nearest Macys, Nordstroms, and Sephora, and sniff till you drop. Ask for samples, and try fragrances on your skin. Sometimes the paper doesn't do them justice. One of the quickest things you'll learn with this fragrance hobby is that everyone's nose is different. What I like, the next man may hate, and vice versa. So you have to sample fragrances for youself and simply take suggestions on what to try. There are many threads you can lurk in to see what's hot and what's not. A good place to start is the compliments thread which is pinned.

    From what you described though, I'd give Burberry The Beat a try. It's citrucy and fresh. But sample others.

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    Default Re: [Newbie]Looking for perfume match with my character

    If you're anything like the guy in that video, I would suggest Black XS, Mugler Cologne and Escada Magnetism. They're all playful, sexy and trendy.
    Sales thread here

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    Default Re: [Newbie]Looking for perfume match with my character

    dude serious you are fun and out guy right go for perry ellis 360 red it perfect choice for you maybe you wanna tried sample first

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    Default Re: [Newbie]Looking for perfume match with my character

    Thank you guys
    Today I'll go to Sephora near my place and I'll let you know which one I like
    Btw, if there's any suggestion, it'd be appreciated

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    Default Re: [Newbie]Looking for perfume match with my character

    You might love Dior Homme, Bvlgari Extreme, L' Eau par Kenzo, Eau d'Issey, Rochas Man and Azzaro Visit, as well as Azzaro Bright Visit.

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    Default Re: [Newbie]Looking for perfume match with my character

    Try Chanel Egoist and your friend will not look at you the same way again. It's very classy and very easy to wear. A little ex though. Start with the best.

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    Default Re: [Newbie]Looking for perfume match with my character

    Hi everybody ,
    I went to Sephora yesterday to sample frags that you guys suggested
    And I'd so much fun to play around and sample every frags lol
    but sometime I feel wired b/c sellers keep looking at me
    Maybe I took too much time on their store lol
    Another problem is my nose didn't work well after sampling 5-6 frags
    However, here's what I found>>>>
    Burberry The Beat, like it but I like Burberry Brit for men more lol
    Dior Homme, yes yes yes! but is it too popular out there?
    Bvlgari aqua, kind of like it
    Mugler Cologne L' Eau par Kenzo, Eau d'Issey and Rochas Man, just OK for me
    some I feel like too mature to ware
    Unfortunately, I can't find some on the list there but I guess I have to go t Macys
    or Nordstroms next time
    and I really want to try perry ellis 360 (also red), Chanel Egoist, Azzaro Visit, Azzaro Bright Visit,Black XS and Escada Magnetism
    Hope I'll find the one that right for me soon
    Any suggestion would be appreciated

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    Default Re: [Newbie]Looking for perfume match with my character

    Le Male came to mind instantly, Watching that first video.

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