When I was like 6 this girl I hung out with found this weird "crystal colored rock" in her back yard and I couldn't quite decipher it because its in cursive and was really dirty. Years later today I remembered that Ashley gave me that rock so I grabbed it and decided to Google in what I thought it said and up popped a perfume, the bottles used a few kinds of writing but the writing matched with the one bottle, and theres a little metal ring on the back where the metal bottle top would have been affixed.

I thought about it, my friends mom used to always burn stuff in the back yard and spread the ashes on her garden, and if a fire gets hot enough (like twoards the bottom) it can deform glass or even melt it but the glass usually doesn't burn up it just deforms and gets burried under ash in the fire pit. At my friends house, we would take a metal poker and bend hot glass bottles.