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    Default Thank you big guys!!

    Please forgive we newbies for asking previously dealt with subjects! We are not worldly wise and I imagine that is why we joined you. Teach us the talents of a "nose" & help us!! Please!! Thanh you!
    Gavroche xx
    Bear only perfumes and the scent of healing herbs to just men's fields.

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    Default Re: Thank you big guys!!

    Hi gavroche,
    Welcome to Basenotes. Don't worry, learning is a life-long process. We are a community of sharing, and learning together. Cheers.

    "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower // drives my green age..." Dylan Thomas

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    Default Re: Thank you big guys!!

    There is no "right answer" for any of this stuff...(except that GIT is better than CW )

    It's all about your own perceptions! You'll notice everyone talking about something and finally decide, "I should try that!". I mean, if you want a list of leather scents, we can give it to you. But YOU need to do the testing and figure out what YOU like.

    Just dive in and start sniffing!
    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Default Re: Thank you big guys!!

    Welcome to Basenotes. Mostly when people refer new members to old threads I think it's in the spirit of hipping them to cool stuff, not in the spirit of weariness or impatience. And where there is a hint of impatience, please take it with a grain of salt and keep charging ahead!

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