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    Default Duty free - Some ideas?

    Hi guys,

    Havent been on BN for a while. Am gonna be going away on holidays and will be, obviously, stopping by the duty free shops and figured would get a frag or two and was hoping some of you guys would point me in the right direction. The list of frags i own:

    Terre D'Hermes - Usually daily office wear but i finished my bottle
    Chic for men/Burberry Brit/ Kenneth Cole Black - Took over as my new office Frags
    Vera Wang for men - Love this, my classy night out frag
    Lolita Lempicka/Rochas Man - Dirty night out frag
    Ck Man - Alright but dont really use it
    Issey Miyake - Ummm lately ive been gettin headaches from this so im staying away
    Armani Attitude - Got this as a gift, didnt quite like it at first coz it smelt like lighter fluid but am learning to like it now
    Ormonde Jayne for Men - Such a nice frag, spicily sweet if that makes any sense, i use it when i can.

    Wishlist (low on resources for now and dont think ill get it in London duty free):
    Idole de Lubin - amazing!
    Nassomatto Duro - sweet sexy dust

    So there you have it, my frags and wishlists and i hope you guys can provide me with suggestions. Thanks.

    P.S. Im UNFORTUNATELY not going to Heathrow but Stansted, are the duty free shops there ummm have lesser of a selection? (Havent been to stansted before)

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    Default Re: Duty free - Some ideas?

    Any suggestions at all?

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    Default Re: Duty free - Some ideas?

    Hello, if you go to you can see what they have at Stansted, it's not too bad. Generally less well-known ones (e.g. Herrera Chic) are hidden on the bottom shelf, so look well! They have a Guerlain section, but quite limited.

    Happy shopping and enjoy the holiday and purchases!

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    Default Re: Duty free - Some ideas?

    I recently got my first bottle of Gucci Pour Homme from a duty free shop, and it's rocketed to the top of my rotation. You could probably also find Dior Homme at most duty free shops.

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    Default Re: Duty free - Some ideas?

    If it's the 2003 Gucci Pour Homme, forget about it, it's disappearing! Only John Lewis seems to have it these days! And the Duty Free at Belfast International!

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    Default Re: Duty free - Some ideas?

    I'm still waiting to find a duty free shop at airports which contains scents that I can't get cheaper from Strawberrynet, or from local stores' sales for that matter. The only good thing about them is that they nearly always have the latest scents.

    When I was there, Harrod's sale in London was much better value than any duty free scents I came ever across.

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