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    Question Vanilla Absolute ? Am seeking an excellent source ?

    Who stocks the very best Vanilla Absolute, that will be just perfect, as is, when diluted with perfumers alcohol ? Good enough, so just diluting it will be enough, without having to use any other notes to augment it. I have been experimenting with an absolute from the Commores, but it's still not exactly what I was hoping for. I do not like synthetic vanilla .... but have also found that most absolutes and essential oils have left me wanting more (most don't have that vanilla kick I'm after. Some have not even smelled as good as just a plain vanilla extract). Or does this mean that I shall never really get what I want , unless I use a good synthetic ? I was hoping this is not the case.
    I'm hoping someone has a source for an excellent vanilla that I can use in my blends. It would be preferable too, if they were in the European Union (or UK, even better). Are there any natural perfumers here, that are perfectly happy with the vanilla they are using in their blends ? ... Do please let me know.

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    Default Re: Vanilla Absolute ? Am seeking an excellent source ? she carries it. It's like tar it's so thick

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